Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Kiss, This Kiss...

I need to vent! We have the sweetest and most wonderful set of 2 year olds in the world! Except for nighttime! When it comes to going to bed Allie is having none of it. Brooke, for the most part, plops down with her Pooh, Hippo and "Cupa" (Sippy Cup) and goes straight to bed. She will even climb down from my lap when I whisper, "Wanna go nite-nite?" and walk herself to her crib. Allie on the other hand fights it daily. Upon entry into her crib, she cries and proceeds to throw her Tigger, Pig, and "Cupa" out of the crib. She will cry for close to two hours if we let her. The one side of the coin says to comfort her. The other says to let her cry it out. Well the only thing is that the few things that she could use to comfort herself she chunks out of the crib Favre style! What say you?



Don't you want a kiss from one of these monkies? Apple sauce has never looked so yummy, huh?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ring Around the Rosie...

...and no that is not a mention of the O'Donnell persuasion...that would be a BIG ring!
"C" is for cookie that's good enough for me...

There is a 1 to 1 ratio on cookies eaten and belly showing! Dad learned that the hard way! Is that short to small or is the belly too big?

Oreos tastes better when they actually make it into your mouth!

Check out these snazzy patent leather mary jane's (well that is what the moms tell me they are called!) They could not get enough of these shoes, as you can tell be those dressy shoes with a t-shirt. That snooty chick from "What Not To Wear" would throw up in her mouth if she saw these...


Look what the girls learned at therapy over the last few weeks. They outpaced "granJoy" and could have kept going and going...


What is it about a camera that makes kids freeze like deer in headlights? "A" was doing some serious toddler donuts around her grandmother's legs and as soon as whip out the camera...she stops. Typical around these parts...

Baby Talk…

“My Phone!”
– The girls have real cell phones…don’t worry they don’t work. They only make noise but the girls love “talking” on them.

“Doggy, Arf! Arf!”
– They say this whenever they see a dog…or a cat, or a cow, or a cartoon pig on the AIG commercial.

“Cow, Moo!”
– There is one certain pasture by our house with a few cows and no matter if they see the actual cows or not, they say it. But there is the occasionally “Cow, Arf!” and “Dog, Moo!” as well…

– of course they should be saying this…but EVERYTIME they see a red truck? OCD anyone?

“My baby” – we have officially graduated from blocks and rings to dolls…and when I mean dolls, I mean bath time doll, nighttime doll, out on the town doll, etc…being the only boy in this house stinks sometimes.

"Paci Go nite, nite" – They say this when the rare occasion that they are actually wanting to go to bed, or just to tell us that they aren’t babies anymore…

“Bless you!”
– When one of us sneezes…it is so polite…and FUNNY!

“Poo, Poo?” – Kind of self explanatory but they tell you whether they are about to go or just went…

“Where’s [insert family member]” – very inquisitive looking with the head tilt and arms stretched out…this one melts my heart.

“Football” – they particularly like the Romo kid…

“Hi [insert certain classmate]”
– that happens to live down the street from us. Whenever we get close to school or just go out front to play. They call for their friend to come and play with them.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

As if there was any question as to where the girls get their good looks! HA! This is our nightly ritual, chilling with Dad while he watches Sportscenter or if mom is home, Y&L...barf!
"Dad's butt is this big! Wow!"

No shoes on the furniture went real well! They love that big chair. Jumping, climbing, drooling on it...
A giving her best Lil' John - "Yeeeaaahhhh!"

B is a little bit more subdued with her shades. But this was the 1,432 time she said "On" because she had taken her shades "off!"

Doing her best David Blaine magic impression...making tissue paper more interesting than the actual gifts!

Thank for all the presents...the girls loved the tissue and bags!

Mmmmm....Cupcakes! Expensive Cupcakes...

B's lost headshot for her audition to be the Joker! I think the cupcake company used Sharpie ink for food dye...this stuff stuck!


And the're off! Its chubby belly in the lead, but rambunctious is gaining...picky eater coming around the bend and it is SUPER CUTE by a nose!