Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walk Like an Egyptian...

BIG NEWS EVERYONE! We have a major announcement to make! A great, GREAT, great thing happened this week! Are you ready? Here goes: Allie took her first steps!!!!!! You have no idea how excited we were. This is a really big deal for her. She has been in physical therapy for over a year now, and the progress has been really slow. She even got braces for her feet, which didn't seem to help much. But, she finally got the courage this week to try it all on her own. She took about 5-6 steps and did it several times. She has done it a few times since then, but she's still a little unsure of herself. We are really looking forward to her taking more steps and getting more sure of being able to walk. We hope she'll be chasing her sister around in no time! Here are some pictures and videos to enjoy:

Daddy and his girls. It's hard to tell who is who in this picture (just in case you are wondering, Brooke is left and Allie is right)

Allie taking time from playing to smile for the camera

Brooke is being camera shy

Allie taking a few steps

The girls showing off their awesome skills with a spoon

Allie's close up :)

Okay, I just realized that the girls are half naked in all these videos. I promise our girls wear clothes!