Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ooops, I Did it Again...

There isn't a lot of it...but my girls have more hair than that Brittney Spears freak! Seriously, I am still waiting for the sound of the empty shell that was her career to hit my ears as it goes whizzing south quicker than the speed of sound!

Chicks loungin'! Those shirts are the same size...so why does one look like a bodysuit?

"Wake me when it's time torment Dad. A girl needs to slow her metabolism down with sleep in order to maintain this 'Buddha belly!'"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Umpa, Umpa, Umpidy-Doo...

This is what goes into the noon feeding each day. Vitamins to the left of me, formula to the right!

I swear this is a "Mom" picked outfit. Anyone else have the song the Umpa Lumpa's sing running through their head right now?

Brooke giving her best Gene Simmons impersonation...and Allie doing, well, I have no idea what she is doing!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This Is How We Do It...

Ok...big news. The WHOLE family went out of the house as one unit tonight. Just a quick trip to the local mall in order to buy Dad an FM transmitter for his iPod. Why you ask? Because Dad's pickup was broken into the other night. $300 plus damages and goods stolen. I really hate being violated like that. I have a factory stock cassette deck radio for Pete's sake. Who would want that? And why is Pete so forsaken? Funny thing is they left the stuff in the truck that could have given them the most cash to feed their crack habit.

Ok...back to the trip. I know if you check the CDC website and see the influenza map it will say that most of the country is in a widespread outbreak of the virus...but we had to get out of the house. It is highly frowned upon by the Dr's...so if you guys are checking in we only stayed for like 10 minutes! Then came home and scrubbed the girls down, burned our clothes and boiled ourselves! We can not wait for summer to get here so we can finally go outside for walks and show off our little dung makers!

Whatcha lookin at?

"Dang skippy! Big ups to my Hommies!"

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jump Around...

More random thoughts:
1) A house built comfortably for 2 adults is way too friggin' small for 2 adults and two infants!
2) Why doesn't Apple make a radio function on their iPod? It isn't like Apple is in the studio biz.
3) Could I even watch a game in SD, now that I have HD and can actually see the skin ripple as an athlete's quad tears from the knee cap - or that Jessica Simpson REALLY did need Proactive.
4) A sleeping baby is a God send! Babies that sleeps from 9pm to 7am are signs that the Apocalypse is amongst us!
5) Crying babies are LOUD. I can hear our girls two houses away. How do those little vocal cords do it?
6) Do the girls know exactly what they are doing when they throw up on my outfit...freshly pressed from the cleaners?
7) Is it too early to start a cardio program for Allie?
8) And on that same note, is it ok to add protein powder to Brooke's formula?
9) It looks like the number "10" when we lay them side-by-side!
10) Mom is getting a sonogram tomorrow!
Allie mesmerized by her new toy. Don't tell her...but her feet don't touch the ground so Mom N' Dad have to put the "jump" in jumperoo!

They absolutely need to make an adult sized Bumbo. Brooke taking an evening siesta before waking to torment Dad!

8 Seconds: The Early years!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Until It Sleeps...

Aren't they cute in their oversized PJ's! Or is that two undersized babies?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Without Me...

So Mom N’ Dad think we can beat the system. We feed our girls their last meal of the day (side note: Formula smells like sewage!) around 8 PM. We then proceed to put the girls into their papasan chairs so they can doze off. Once they are fully asleep we carefully…SEE: Bull is a China Store…transfer them from the chairs to the crib. At this point they are sharing one crib. Thrifty parents we are! Thrifty is the “PC” way of saying cheap, right? Just like if a girl has a “great personality” she ultimately is going to look like Norm from Cheers. That in itself is humorous!

We watch them squirm and find their rightful place to sleep. It is fun to watch as sleep hits them all of a sudden and their once flailing limbs come flopping down to the mattress with a loud THUD! We walked in on them the other night and Allie had her legs all crossed Indian style. But one night we walked in and they were holding hands. I promise to get a picture of it if it happens again.

I saw a shirt the other day that said, “No one cares about your blog!” There is humor in the truth! For those of you that do care...thank you! I wanted a way to document my girl’s lives. And what better way than to take advantage of free technology! I hope one day that my girls will visit the site and reflect back on how their lives began and the people that touched out lives with gifts, thoughts, prayers and simply their presence.
Bows again!!? And in baby blue??? I see therapy in the future for these two!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Its All In The Family...

Watching some more basketball!

The three most beautiful ladies in Dad's life!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lick it Up...

So there is good bacteria and bad bacteria? Just by the sound of the word B.A.C.T.E.R.I.A. sounds gross. Say it 10 times and think about it, bacteria....rolls off the yuck side of the tongue doesn't it!?

Well Dad spent all night driving to different pharmacies to find Acidophilus. Don't know what it is...look it up. That is how angry Dad got trying to find this stuff. I went to 3 different pharmacies and saw 5 pharmacists. Evidently they all get their training from the same school. I asked every one of them what dosage was right for an infant and they all replied, "Doesn't matter!"

I was holding three bottles of Acidophilus. One had a 10mg per pill dosage, another was 100mg per pill, and the last was 5 Million...kid you not...per pill. So according to all the pharmacist, it didn't matter which one. So I can give my child 5 million bacteria per dosage...DON'T THINK SO! Might as well let her drink straight from the Trinity River, probably has less bacteria than 5 million!
Who wants to grow up and take care of Mom N' Dad when we have a nervous breakdown?

Next on, "When Infants attack!"

One guess on who dressed her this morning? Hint: It wasn't Dad!

Monday, February 05, 2007

This Here's the Rubber Duck...

..anyone got your ears on? I'm Rollin' in a Convoy!!!

Dad and girls are not feeling well tonight. It goes without fanfare or grand announcement to those that know Dad, but Dad has throat issues. It all stems from some botched throat surgery a few years back. So when I get sick...it hits fast and it hits hard. I hope that my girls do not have that problem.

Mom suffers from migraines. Bad ones. One that make you want to get in the car, drive over to your best friends house, and punch them in the nose. You have no idea how intense the headaches can be for her. They are hereditary...I hope they skip the next generation.

The girls had a visit to the hospital today. They got their 3rd round of Synagis shots. All $6,500 worth...X 2! This shot has done wonders in keeping them from getting sick, or worse...RSV. The family got invited to a Super Bowl party and decided not to go after heavily weighing it in our minds. Trust us...Mom N'Dad NEED to get out of the house sans children every now and then. But after a lengthy call to our NICU staff, we decided against going because it would only take one person not feeling well to send our girls to the hospital. Such is life with Preemies!

Can you tell which of our girls likes to eat?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hazy Shade of Winter...

What do you do when you are trapped inside all day and it is snowing outside? Well if Dog is any indication...you take a NAP! Hibernating bear style! Dog has been through a ton since the girls came home. She is up every time the babies are crying and cooing and she is always around Mom or Dad when they are up as well. This nap is well deserved!