Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'll Be Home for Christmas...

DAD: So mom must have been born with an unlucky star in the sky. She has the bad luck of being a "December Baby." Just a few days before Christmas is her birthday. So what is a loving, appreciative husband to do? Give her the batteries on her birthday for a gift she will get just days later? Or tell her to pick a present from under the tree and a birthday present? Well if you roll like I do, you give her cold hard cash...and throw in a dinner as well. And since we were in the bustling metropolis of Odessa for her birthday, we went out (without the kids) to a fancy dinner. Before going any further, you Dallasites reading this have to readjust your idea of a fancy dinner. Actual cloth napkins go far in west Texas! :')
The day after Christmas we took the girls to the Dr. for a wellness visit and to get another round of shots. They hate shots, and by hate I mean they might end up in therapy as 20 somethings from the experience of injections. Brooke checked out just fine except a bit underweight. We had to turn her car seat back around so that she is facing rearward again. She is just so darn active that she burns so many calories exploring every nook and cranny. We were told to beef up her calories and start to administer some peanut butter into the mix.
Allie on the other hand is a bit more of a concern. Dr. B is worried that her development has plateaued and would like to have her brain re-scanned by a pediatric neurologist. We will do that after the new year. She has always been about 2-3 month behind her sister in milestones. When Dr. B was examining Allie he noticed that she is showing signs of hypotonia. Her joints are real stiff when being manipulated and her toes curl almost all the time. She has never been as fluid as her sister but has grown leaps and bounds in her own right since coming home! We pray for wisdom in the Dr's that will be working with Allie and that they do not find any damage from the brain bleed (IVH) she suffered moments after her birth.
The norm for 12-15 month old's is to be pulling up to standing - if not walking - and having about 5 words. Our girls have a few words like, Dad, Mom and ball. They also can mimic us with clicking noises or raspberries and I just taught them to give high 5's!

The girls really appreciated all the presents they got form family this Christmas...but plastic toys taste no where as good as the paper that they were wrapped in.

A member of the "greatest generation" meets the newest generation. Mom's granddad playing with Allie in Odessa.

Ever tried to herd cats? I can only assume that it would be like getting multiples to both pose for a picture.

Any question where my girls get their good looks? Check out mom! Hubba, Hubba!
Of course, they get their pot bellies from Dad!

The girls in their Christmas dresses. Mom and two grandmothers bought dresses. Do the math: 2 girls with 2 dresses each x 3 dress purchases. That is a ton of dresses!

The cousins enjoying Christmas morning! Promise we didn't mean to dress them all alike. Great moms must think a like.

As usual, the girls loved playing with the bows, ribbons and boxes more than the toys they got. And they got a ton of toys!

Doesn't this all look yummy? Heck I wouldn't mind having someone come and cut up my food for me. A little boiled egg, a little green beans...and some chicken stix!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do You Hear What I hear???

Well, round two was Wednesday. Allie went for her ear tubes this time. And to Mom n' Dad's surprise she handled the whole thing way better than her sister. Usually it would not be the case but Allie was such a trooper. She didn't cry once before, during or after the procedure. Well, actually she cried when she ran out of her first FULL sippy glass of juice. She downed two of those bad boys! Its got to be tough on a 15 month old to go through the "surgery rules" of not eating after midnight before surgery. She was hungry! I love my little girls and I love my think that I would be used to seeing this since it is my 2nd time around but watching mom bounce around all nervous like breaks your heart. And then to watch her scoop up our little girl into her arms after Allie came in from recovery makes my heart realize that unconditional love truly does exist!

These blue eyes make me melt!!!

Hard to tell who is more tired, huh?

My favorite picture...I love both faces here!

Putting down bottle number 2 after returning from her surgery.

Going home with Teddy Bear in tow! Of course she loved the Kleenex box more than her bear...but which kid doesn't?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Silent Night...

...OH DO I WISH!!!

We get round two of ear tubes next week. Allie almost squeaked by the infection bug, but alas she got smacked in each of them one more time. So next week, early in the morning, the family will head off to the hospital once again for tubes. Hopefully this puts an end to the constant ear infections, soar throats, and all around fussiness. I pray and hope that the tubes only do good and cause no harm (hearing loss) to our little ones. Hopefully Allie doesn't need the "goofy juice" to relax before the procedure so she can bounce back and be her bubbly self an hour or so after.

This time Dad didn't pose Brooke for these shots. She climbed into the bucket all by herself and scooted if from the door in the background to the carpet line. She loves to be moving. Is she isn't eating or crying she is round and about.

Our life at about 6:15 every evening. Care to join us?

Hey baby, what is that on the end of your finger?

Training can't start to0 early you know! Dad doesn't want to mow the lawn forever. I am thinking by 3 she should be good to go!

Brooke using her tongue to show the blog world her new tooth.

They love these toys. A little cup with holes in it. Forget the gadgets and do-dads, give them drink ware.

Tis the Season to be Jolly...

We decided to take the girls last Friday to the mall for the traditional picture with Santa. Last year they were too preemie to get out of the house, so this was our first Santa experience. I figured the girls would look at Santa with confused expressions and check him out for a minute or two, allowing for a picture or two before the crying began. But, nope, the crying began as soon as we walked away from them. Allie freaked out immediately. We were standing 5 feet in front of her, but she was still scared to death. Brooke was okay for a few seconds until she realized that Allie was upset, so she slowly puffed her lip out and started to cry too. The picture we ended up with is priceless. It is way cuter than if they were both smiling. Where is the fun in that? :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Santa Baby...

How do you like the lights? Not one ladder incident to be found here! I would hang lights from the roof and then bang loudly and Mom would come out and hand me the next set! Teamwork at its finest I tell you!

With little munchkins on the prowl this will be out tree this year! I begged and pleaded with Mom not to get a big tree. I did not feel like saying "No" one million times over the next 30 days. I got big pants to fill though...I promised a HUGE tree with all the trimmings next Christmas!
Take a look at Brooke strolling around the house. I know...before you all go "child abuse" on us...we only let her walk around with this thing while we are close by!

The girls in their Sunday's finest!

Brooke, what do you think about the Aggies beating the Longhorns back-to-back?

She really wants to grow up fast. Relax girl...the real world comes soon enough!

There is a small sing of Aggie in her...Check out that little Gig'Em!

What up homies! This one goes out to my sister's momma!

Brooke models her first footed pajamas! I can't wait till the first "shocking" experience!

Bonus Feature for you added enjoyment! Please enjoy Mom taking cough syrup!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Goodbye to Texas University...

So Dad is a HAPPY Camper after this weekend and has a ton to be Thankful for. I have three wonderful women in my life. I got stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie on Thursday. But I got the sweetest gift on Friday, or as Aggies call it - T+1. The annual civil war, the Lonestar Showdown. Brother against brother, father against son and best...coworker against coworker! Not only did we get another year of "scoreboard" we got rid of our over promising yet under delivering head coach. Bring on the Sherminator, The Sherman Tank. Be careful big XII when the Sherman Army comes to town in 2008!

First it was 12-7 now 38-30.

Brooke cheering on the Aggies!!!

Brooke hamming for the camera. She loves this pillow. Whenever she sees it she B-lines to it and rolls just like this all over it!

Allie loves putting things on her head. We are really working with both girls to say bye and do the waving motion. They do it when they want to. But both of them think it is the funniest thing to have their toys put on each others heads.