Thursday, May 31, 2007

If My Nose Were Full of Nickels...

Mom here. Well, we had a fun night last night ;) We all took a little trip to the ER around 1:30 am. Poor little “B” was gasping for air, and we couldn’t do anything to help clear her up. So, we packed up a very sleepy “A” and all went to the hospital. Two hours and probably $500 later, we were sent home after they stuck a tube down B’s nose and throat to suction out a lot of thick snot. Gross, I know. She slept in her car seat for the rest of the night, and I am suctioning her out every few hours and giving her some yucky Robitussin. Poor thing. She’ll probably sleep in her swing or papasan chair tonight because that seems to make it a little better. We got her lab tests back from the pediatrician, and they came back negative for E-Coli, Salmonella, or Rotavirus. Good news! But, she is still fighting this stomach bug or whatever it is. I think it is actually better, so maybe this lactose free formula is doing the trick. So, I have to prepare two different kinds of formula, and B can’t have fruit yet, which A has already started on. Each meal is different for each of them, which is kind of a pain in the neck, but that’s okay. As soon as “B” is all better, we’ll get them back on the same schedule. That’s all I got for now. Gotta go stick a suction bulb up someone’s nose. Do I get paid extra for that? Probably not.

The girls are chilling in daddy's chair again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr., Dr., Give Me the News...

Well, we are on the mend - somewhat. Dad and I are getting over our upper respiratory infections (or at least that's what the doctor told me that I had last week). I resumed my Boot Camp workout this week after taking all of last week off. Have I mentioned that this class kicks my booty! The girls are still pretty stuffy but chipper as ever. Poor little "B" still has her stomach problem. We took her to the doctor AGAIN today. We took her last week, and I have called them a few times since then. We were getting kinda worried, so we wanted the dr. to actually see her today as opposed to just talking to a nurse on the phone. I mean, it's just not natural for a baby to poop 4 to 6 times a day for 2 weeks! And don't get me started on her severe diaper rash! We were concerned that she was either dehydrating and/or losing weight. So, the doctor looked her over today and decided that he wasn't comfortable with this going on for 2 weeks either. So, we are changing to a lactose-free formula for a week or so, and we have to bring back 3 stool samples tomorrow. That shouldn't be so hard since there is plenty of that going on around here. I think they are checking her white blood cell count with one sample, a parasite with another, and rotavirus with the other. The strange thing is that she doesn't really have any other symptoms - no fever, no vomiting, no lethargy, etc. She just has a really stuffy nose, which seems pretty unrelated. We are just anxious to figure out what is going on with her so we can get her well again.

Both girls are so close to crawling - especially B. She will pull both knees under her and push straight up with her arms and rock back and forth. But, she normally either face plants or falls over before she actually moves. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they are both off and crawling. Still no teeth :(

No big plans for us for Memorial Day weekend...just a little relaxation. Hope you have a Happy Memorial Weekend!

"B" (right) is always smiling! "A" smiles alot too, but I can never seem to capture it on camera. She is always too interested in the light that comes on before the picture snaps. Then all we get is her surprised look.

"B" (left) smiling again! I think I almost got a smile from "A" on this one!

"A" getting her first taste of pears. Not liking it so much. She prefers the bland taste of mushed peas!

"B"does this crazy little dance all the time. For those that know Dad, he has a special dance he does as well...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How Do You Like Me Now???

A quick hello and then a fleeting goodnight. The whole family is sick. I am sure the first of many days where something not quit right comes out of one orifice or another from Mom, Dad or the twins. "B" is still battling the stomach bug and we are starting to worry that she is losing...not gaining...much needed weight. That's a first for the estrogen sect isn't it...worried about gaining weight!? HA! Any identical twin parents out there reading this? Can one twin have an allergy to a food or something else, and the other twin not? Same set of DNA...would think they would get smacked the like...give us a holler and let the newbies know!

I really am at loss for words at these two pictures. Both girls are catching on to this "solid" food thing pretty quickly. They loved the green peas...this mess is squash and they don't know what to think of it yet. Me thinks they would rather play with it rather than eat it!

Dad couldn't resist giving the girls thier first taste of an apple. "A" is not quit sure about the taste at first but she loves her some apple now! We have one more week of the veggies and then we get to switch to fruits. Stay tuned...???

Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's Get Physical...

There have been hundreds of these diapers already. "B" has been suffering from a little stomach bug for a few days now and each diaper is filled with such wonderful surprises!

Girls, don't get to use to that blanket!! That reminds me...How do you get a Tech Grad off your front porch? Pay him for the Pizza!

A little stretch before the day begins. Gotta be limber to terrorize the family all day!

Bows...attack of the bowheads! "B" giving a normal pose while "A" does her best Kramer face!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dear Mama...

Sunday was Baby Dedication day at our church. Let me tell you, for as much as Mom used to like seeing all the babies when it WASN'T our turn, it is a whole different story when it is. First off, I must admit a small secret of mine. Dad hates wearing a suit. Never have, never will. Some people look dapper in one...I look like a dork...regardless of the cut or designer. So there I was in a suit and it must have been 350 degrees in the sanctuary. I was sweating beads and steam pressing my shirt under my suit coat for what seemed forever. Because it was Mother's Day there were over 30 families that were in the ceremony, which made for a long morning. Mom held "B" and Dad held "A". We both suffer, "A" is heavier - "B" wiggles! We held our girls from 845am to 945am. My biceps are burning still!
The ceremony was beautiful. It was nice to "present" our girls to our church for the first time, even though we didn't get a laugh or "ahhh" from the crowd. I am sure they were just looking in disgust at the fat, bald guy sweating all over his child. Mom on the other hand could not have looked prettier. She was calm cool and collected.

We then went to a very fancy Mother's Day brunch with my mom and her husband. As it usually happens, the girls gave us exactly 14 seconds to eat lunch! What is it about people and shrimp at a buffet? They kept bringing out platters and platters of it and it would be gone in seconds. Do you people not realize that shrimp are like the crickets of the sea. They are EVERYWHERE and VERY easy to come by. Something that is sold for .99 cents at Long John Silver isn't considered fine cuisine.

"B" and Mom are both under the weather today, so that leaves Dad to take care of everyone. Did I mention that I am a hunter...not a provider. The most compassion you are going to get out of me is a "suck it up!" No seriously, are you hurt or injured? Both have Dr's appointments today. Should be fun for all!

"A" doing her best to stay interested as Mom snaps 1,000 pics of her.

"B" in purple! Her dress all debutanted out!

The Fam! It is easy to tell where my girls get their good looks!

Happy 1st Mother's Day, beautiful!

"A" giving a sign that she is hungry or did Grandpa Marsh spill something yummy on his tie?

Both girls enjoying a well deserved nap on their nightly "witching hour" stroll around the neighborhood. A quiet baby is a GOOD baby. Look at those chubby legs...did we have babies or Shar-Pei's?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Heart Breaker....

Accompanied by thunderous applause, ok more like a thud, comes another fresh round of:
Dad’s Random Thoughts
1) Add this uniform to my battle to keep my girls out of.
2) As much as two babies crying simultaneously is maddening, two babies laughing is what ever is the exact opposite of maddening!
3) I have come to realize that with infant multiples, you more survive than enjoy.
4) COSTCO is a multiple’s parents Godsend. Now we actually have use for the 8 gallon jug of formula.
5) Eating dinner after the girls go to bed is playing havoc on my waistline.
6) Carrots do turn your poo orange!
7) The more naked…the less cleaning!!!
8) I dare anyone to come over to our house and spend the hour from 6-8pm with our children. $100 to the first person that stays the whole time…and does not cry!
9) Just put up my 2008 calendar at work. I am going to have to get a Fat Head of myself so my girls remember what I look like.
10) Can anyone please tell me who has a worse broken sports heart than me?
a. A&M Football - 3 losses by a combined 6 points
b. A&M Basketball – coach pulls understandable but still classless move to bluer pastures.
c. Tampa Bay Bucs – When you have a top 5 draft pick, your previous season wasn’t any good.
d. Dallas Cowboys – Seriously, who muffs a hold on an extra point?
e. Dallas Mavericks – Do NOT get me started on the crew.
f. Dallas Stars – Heart breaking 1st round loss in 7 games.
g. Texas Rangers – Muh ah HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here in the Real World...

Mom N' Dad are getting used to this going out into the real world thing. We just got back from Target and only 5 people said, "better you than me!" We got our Mother's day cards for everyone. The girls have yet to ask me for the keys to the truck in order to go and get Mom something. I guess they are waiting till the last minute. Another top-notch characteristic that proves that they are mine!
The girls pretending they have long hair. Actually this is the fail-safe way to insure that or Dreft bill doesn't go to much over budget. Can't get your clothes dirty if you ain't wearing any!

The girls can sleep

...or here! (A)

"A" loves her some food!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mamma We're All Crazy Now...

The whole family went to dinner with one set of A & B's grand parents tonight. First 10 minutes went surprisingly well. But the second the food arrived the girls started getting fussy. Y'all have to understand that this was our first outing to a nice dinner. I told myself way before the girls had been born that I didn't ever want to be "that person or that family." You know the one. The family that lets their child cry in a restaurant, movie theater, grocery store, etc...and the parents do nothing about it. They pretend that they do not hear it or think, "If I have to suffer-then the whole (enter crowded place here) has to suffer." Now try that with two kids. One feeds off the other and within minutes we have a "Fussy-fit-cry off 2007!" Ever see the Cosby Show episode where Dr. Huxtable challenges the guy to a tap dance off? CHALLENGE!!!
I need to find a way to get the soundtrack from this contraption on an alarm is pure torture after the 1,153 time in goes off! Someone get the plastic blue bear outta my mind! Looking at me with that cock-eyed smirk, and waiving like you are my friend. You, blue bear, are not my are evil!

The girls ready for bed. They are quickly outgrowing their little blankets. Amazing that they were ever 2 lbs. I think A's diaper weighed three times that this morning.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I Left My Heart in San Francisco...

A picture really IS worth a 1,000 words...and at this moment for Dad, all those words are not suited for print!

Girls ready for a car ride. As long as the car is moving they are fine. When we are sitting at a red light, it is a whole different story. We could easily be mistaken for an emergency vehicle with all the whaling going on!

This picture is wrong in so many ways...but it is the only sure fire way not to mess up clothes during "Sweet Pea" time!

Another outfit bites the dust. Seriously, how do you get food on the bottom of your pants?