Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why Can't This Be Love...

...because who else would love a mess like these two little munchkins!?? Mom decided that it was a good idea to do some "Spoon Training" this evening. And you can see it went downhill from step 1!

We had a follow up with the Neurologist today and Allie's MRI was clear, or any defect was so minute that it didn't show. So now we are going to attack her lower limbs with an aggressive physical/occupational therapy regiment to get her mobile as soon as possible. She might need some braces that will go into her shoes to support her ankles and make her feet move the way they are supposed to and not how her tendons and muscles are currently. We were told that she might not ever win a running race and maybe even walk with a strange (to all of us regulars) gait for a while, but walk none-the-less she will do. She will just do it at her own pace! Stubbornness is not a hereditary is it? Hmmm?????

Allie enjoying her yogurt!!!

Brooke doing the same!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Walking on Sunshine...

...and don't it feel good!

Enjoy Allie walking for the first time on her own! OK, she has a walker but if you knew what a challenge it is for her to get her legs moving...we are so proud! She tires out quickly and I am sure her legs are in much pain having to be flexed all the time, but she is a trooper! The occupational therapist told us it would be a long road. This was a huge leap for her today. She has begun to pull herself up on everything and then this...ATTA GIRL!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Much too Young to Feel This Darn Old...

Sorry that it has been a while...but over the past two weeks everyone in some form or another has been sick around the house. As I type this all the girls in the house are sick and sleeping. We have 3 ear infections, a couple of fevers, a case of strep throat and one hellacious case of sinusitis. care to visit?
I am addicted to this show called Fight Quest on The Discovery Channel. It is a show where two guys go around the world learning fight styles for a week and then going up against local champs in a fight. They have learned Brazilian Jujitsu, Korean Hapkido and Israeli Krav Maga. Brandy and I have talked for a while that we want to get out girls into karate or Judo very early. There are so many positives for learning a martial art: confidence, self discipline, balance, self defense, and strength.

So watch the movie the first time to see Allie take some real good "steps" with the walker...and then watch it a second time for Brooke in the backgroud pull her shirt over her face and walk into the couch!!!!

The Bucket Express

Think they miss many meals...

...guess not!!

This is Brooke's new gig. She likes to pull her shirt over her head and walk around. Look at that smirk.

Belly monster attack!!!!

I tried to get all artsy with this shot...I call in "Brooke against the wall!" Original don't you think?

Allie doing her best Allen Iverson impersonation...don't get it? Google him!

Ain't she cute?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I Need a Hero...

Quick post from Dad here....I spent all night last night feeling sick and it has just progressed to having a fever, sore throat, and aches.

MY WIFE IS MY HERO!!!! She has taken both girls and acted as if she didn't need me one bit. Not in a bad way, but she just jumps in and pulls the weight that is normally reserved for me. She gets an A+, gold star, and a M&M candy all at the same time. She is a Super Mommy!

Right now I am locked up in the back room as not to get the girls (all three of them) sick. I love her whole-heartedly and can only hope that my twins grow up to be as awesome as she is! Now all I need to do is be an example for my little ones so when they grow up they can find a Godly man that will treat them right. I have seen and heard to many stories of women that get treated as objects and get sucked into some strange manipulative relationship with a total jerk...and the funny part is that the girls often defend the jerk's behavior!

Now back to the regularly scheduled blog:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I've been tagged...

By Liz!!! Instructions: If your name is on the list of people tagged, copy and paste into a new post and change the answers to whatever you love!

Places I want to go:

1. Hawaii (Honolulu and Maui to be exact)
2. Australia (actually, this is my hubby’s dream place, but I’d be glad to tag along)
3. New York
4. New England in the Fall
5. The beach with my babies

I like to eat:

1. Mexican Food!
2. Salty Stuff (I LOVE olives!)
4. Sugar Cookies with Icing

My play list contains:

1. Avalon (my favorite group)
2. Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullins (favorite song of all times!)
3. Prestonwood Choir (good music to work out to...really)
4. N*Sync (yes, I know I’m 33, but I LOVE them! Praying for a reunion!)

I buy clothes at:

1. New York and Company
2. Ann Taylor Loft
3. Express
4. Old Navy
5. Children's Place

I watch these TV shows:

1. Paula Deen - Y’ALL (who doesn't love her?)
2. Friday Night Lights
3. House
4. Biggest Loser
5. The Young and the Restless (reruns everyday at 6:00)

Things I like to do:

1. Hang out with my girls and my hubby
2. sing!
3. SHOP!
4. take naps (doesn’t happen all that often)

I’m tagging:

1. My hubby
2. Ashley
3. Ryan
4. Quenta

MY TURN!!!!!!!

By Mom!!! Instructions: If your name is on the list of people tagged, copy and paste into a new post and change the answers to whatever you love!

Places I want to go:
1. My “other home” in Tampa
2. Alice Springs/ Ayers Rock (Uluru)
3. Alaska in Spring
4. The airfields of England and the many other European battlefields of WWII.
5. back to a time when men were men and everyone wasn’t such a sissy and needed a hug!

I like to eat:
1. I sure do!
2. French Fries
3. Ice cream

My play list contains:
1. Podcasts (college football, games, technology)
2. Thousand Foot Crutch
3. Pat Green
4. House of Pain and other early 90’s rap artists

I buy stuff at:
1. Target – Shopping there is like a buffet. You get a little of everything
2. Fry’s – If there were a religion where you worshiped electronics (stop lurking at me Tom Cruise) I would bow 3 times a day to whatever direction the nearest Fry’s was in.
3. Online – I seriously just invited someone to rape and pillage my PayPal account didn’t I?
4. Costco – Nothing like buying 17 cans of shave cream when you only need one!

I watch these TV shows:
1. Sportscenter – I love sports…and you know what else…I love news about sports!
2. Friday Night Lights - I really can't wait to see "Smash" Williams doing his thing for the Aggies next year! Now only if Coach Taylor can get Riggins off the sauce long enough to go back-to-back!
3. House - That dude is raw, rugid and freakishly unsympathetic...but he sure saves a ton of people!
4. Biggest Loser – Fat doesn’t choose you…you choose to be fat, People!!!!
5. Anything TLC, Discovery Channel, Weather Channel, NatGeo, etc…Someone once said my mind is like a small child’s pocket…full of a bit of everything. I am knowledgeable on tons, but an expert at nothing!
6. Rob & Big - the darned nearest funniest 30 minutes on television!
7. But actually number 1 in my heart...Texas A&M Football

Things I like to do:
1. Hang out with my girls and my hot wife!
2. play video games (only when the wife and kids are asleep!)
3. workout and play sports
4. make fun of others! Just kidding! Or am I!?

I’m tagging:

Since this is really a chic thing to do…I am eternally tagging myself and stopping the spread of estrogen induced internet time wasting! Now beat it…I have songs to download and virtual touchdowns to score!

Friday, February 01, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Ok, so it is Friday night and my thumbs can't take any more COD4 tonight! I just got out of the girls room watching then sleep for the last 20 minutes or so. I stand over them and just watch then breathe, roll from font to back or tuck their legs under themselves and sleeping on their elbows and knees. I just watch, stroke their backs and say prayers over them. It is one of my favorite things. I would put watching my children sleep right up there with being in Kyle Field on a brisk Autumn Saturday watching the Aggies. And for those that know me, you know that is WAY up on the list. That got me thinking...what else do I love about my girls:
1) I love when Brooke eats. She acts like it will be her last meal and shovels as many peices in her mouth as she can all at once.
2) Allie's southern accent. I have no idea where she gets it *glimpses towards Odessa* but when she says "Bye" it sounds more like "byyyyyyyyyye!"
3) The fact that we hear "Double Trouble" EVERYDAY OF OUR LIVES!!!
4) They are great sleepers. 6-7pm to 6-7am.
5) Brooke's dancing...priceless!

Now things I don't care so much for:
1) The fact that each day either Allie or Brooke comes home with a bump, scrap or bruise from daycare.
2) There is a sign on the daycare door that says, "There is a confirmed case of Pink Eye in this room." Seriously? Can we go 1 month without sickness?
3) All the Dr visits and no confidence in diagnosis. I just want to know what is wrong/right with my girls...not more tests.
4) Not letting us sleep in on weekends