Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hole Hearted...

OK, it has been a long time since I just rambled...but with the one hour of calm I call nap time let me spew some of my cerebral-ism's on whomever shall read:

1) I am this guy, and I will not apologize for it! What would you do if Texans decided to take back all the Dr. Pepper and Blue Bell ice cream and keep it to our "Remember the Alamo" quoting selves? What would you do if we got the mythical 51% vote and became our own country (again) and immediately became the 4th largest oil producing country in the world with the one of the largest fighting forces? You would WALK...that is what you would do!

2) I know some family and friends view this blog to check up on us and see what is going on from time to time...leave a note and say howdy every now and again. It's like getting a phone call and that person not leaving a voicemail. I saw that it was you TIM JOHNSON'S CELL because I have caller ID. It wasn't like I was ignoring you...Seriously people, delurk sometime and say hello!
3) Speaking of family and friends...for those that have children that are making the dreaded decision soon on what college you will owe an arm and an leg to for the next 5 years...I can not endorse Texas A&M University enough. Besides my family and my Lord, nothing has influenced me more than being an Aggie. Some good, some bad - but all worth it. Kyle Field in Fall full of 80,000 swaying fans sawing varsity's horns off...Northgate...Aggie Bonfire...12th Man...Reed Arena getting "Turgeowned"..."Howdy"...maroon and white What-a-Burgers...Aggie Muster...the list goes on...There is a saying down in Aggieland, "From the outside looking in, you can't understand...from the inside looking out, you can't explain!" Nothing could be closer to the truth than that.
4) I am seriously outnumbered in this house. I close my eyes at night and all I see is pink! I walk into our living room and there are more toys than carpet! The little two...with the assistance of Mom and GranJoy have picked up the slack and then some with the loss of Bailey Dog. (NOTE TO SELF: Get Male Dog next time) You can not go two steps without some sort of mechanism spouting out the ABC's or singing some whacked out version of "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain!" Seriously, as the risk of sounding old...whatever happened to dolls, cars, and imagination. Why use your brain power thinking up how a soup can, pipe cleaner and a nickel can become a robot when you can go to ToysRus and buy...not only a robot...but one that walks, talks, fixes you breakfast and entertains you with dancing! A robot doing the robot...UPON FURTHER REVIEW: I am old!
5) My girls can say: Cookie, Cracker, Light, Mom, Dad, and other simple words. All meticulously taught to them by mom, grandparent or myself. AT NO TIME did we ever teach them the word that Allie uses the most. MINE! At the risk of trying to sound hip, but keeping my mother happy...WTH? She says it all the time. If one were to actually listen to her, everything in this house would be Allie's. Toys, couches, food, and yes even one size 11 New Balance shoe all have been claimed at one time or another! What's next?
6) I saw a t-shirt today that said, "Bank of Dad." I wept at the thought. How true a statement...I just hope my bank is FDIC insured!
7) I also saw a woman tonight lugging her hockey gear into the local StarCenter. And at no time did I want to call her Helga or curiously look at her-head cocked to the side like a confused puppylike-as I scanned for a mustache. She was petite and feminine. There is hope for my girls after all. I REFUSE to EVER buy a pair of these: YUCK!
8) I watched my daughter pick her nose...wait for's gonna be good...EAT HER BOOGER! Now part of me was like, "gross!" But the other half of me cheered her on...that is the half that was outwardly expressing itself...I forgot to grow up! Now before you judge, there are two types of people in the world: A) Those who have eaten a booger and B) Those that have lied about eating a booger...what camp are you in!? Hmmm!?

How would you like to have this as your wake up call???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'll Stand By You...

We actually made it through the 5 miles on Saturday for the March for Babies walk. The weather was perfect! There were tons of people there, which was so great to see so many people coming together for a great organization. Of course, there were lots of animal rights activists there too. Don't even get me started on that. I mean, seriously. I LOVE animals as much as the next person. But, there is a time and a place.

The girls enjoyed the walk much more than last year. We only made it one mile last year and had to turn around because they were screaming their heads off. This time they slept for about the last hour or so. A little excercise for mom and dad, a little nap for A & B, and all for a good cause. Win/Win/Win.

The girls are sick...AGAIN. Getting pretty tired of saying that. They have been off antibiotics for about 3 days now, and Allie spiked a 104.3 fever last night. She should be able to fight off just about anything with all the antibiotics in her system. Maybe she's immune by now. Ironically, we checked Brooke’s temperature around 11:00 last night b/c she started feeling pretty warm too, and wouldn’t you know: 104.3! Exactly like her sister. Guess they really are identical! I thought the tubes that we got back in December were supposed to help with ear infections, but we've had about 3 since then. So much for expensive surgery! Both of the girls are hacking and have runny noses. Hopefully this is just the end of sick season, and we are coming upon a summer time full of wellness. One can dream :) EDIT: It is now 10:40pm and Mom is taking Brooke to the ER due to a 105 fever! When will this ever end?

Enough rambling. On to the real reason why you’re here….pictures !!!

Mom, dad, and the girls after the 5 mile walk.

Allie looking oh-so-cool on her bus ride to White Rock Lake for the walk. She NEVER lets us put anything on her face or head, so the fact that she kept these on for about 5 minutes just shows that she was a little scared of the new surroundings.

The girls getting ready for their 5 miles of sitting.

Brooke and Allie hanging out in their PJ's

The girls sitting in their chairs enjoying some Blues Clues

The girls' class picture from daycare. Allie is flashing her belly - how nice!

Okay, it's a little dark, but this video is so funny b/c the girls are so captivated by the TV.

Allie showing off a little standing skills. Okay, she is leaning against the window, but still...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Can't Dance...

...what do you do when your legs don't work as well as you want them? You employ your "little" sister to push you around the house on your fancy bicycle!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Raise The Roof...

The girls enjoying a few moments in Dad's chair. Thinking about it now, I should have soaked their britches in leather conditioner while they frolicked around!

"whatcha talkin' 'bout Mom?"

Allie deep in thought...or watching Noggin...same look either way!

Some pics of the storm damage from last week's pseudo tornadic* experience!

* not confirmed at this time that there was actually a tornado on the ground but as you drive around the neighborhood and see the 30 year old trees uprooted and 80 foot electrical transmission towers twisted down on has to think that wasn't just wind. My family and I are very grateful to only have suffered minor cosmetic damage. We lost some roof, a fence and a days worth of electricity...but we are all safe. Much better than what we thought was going to happen at 3:30am! If you live in "Tornado Alley" and you do not have a weather radio, please go and get one. They operate on battery backup and send out a loud alarm when threatening weather in imminent. Our alarm went off a good 4 minutes before the outside sirens blared letting us know to take cover. That extra 4 minutes could mean the difference in getting to shelter and not. Please go to a store and ask for a NOAA Weather radio...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Springtime in Texas...

For those of you not native to this fair land called Texas...more importantly...if you never received the "Tornado Alley" lesson in physical science class...this is for you! You see, every Spring in "TA" you go through what some would call a right of passage. Where does this continual "under the gun" threat lead you...well for you 45-60 days of "Is it going to rain?" to "When is it going to stop raining" to "I think the tree just blew away" to "my car looks like a golf ball" to "is that a freight train I hear!?" You get the picture. Someone in Oregon is reading this going WTH, but us "alley dwellers" know this:

1) If the fence is dry - your grass is dying and your water bill is about to go UP!
2) If the fence is wet - there is a chance for a flash flood, hail, or severe weather.

3) If your fence is gone - Tornado!

Do you see the hail? We actually go out in this stuff and get a big old handful and put it in the freezer...come on know you have done it!!

Our gutter after about 90 seconds of rain and hail

Monday, April 07, 2008

Just a Swingin'...

Sisters holding hands! And together they have one pair of shoes on!

"Word to your mother...wait...she's my mother too!"

I have tried to explain that the milk tastes that much sweeter on the other side of the bottle...

"Pull my Finger!?"

The girls taking in a beautiful day at the park and swinging... Some loved it...

...some, not so much!

Not sure what Brooke is eating here, but I am sure it wasn't supposed to be in her mouth!

The girls chilling for an evening of Noggin Television. I saw these chairs at TR'Us and had to get them. They look so innocent sitting in them watching some tube. Hopefully we will get to take these chairs on vacation with;aldjfsdeiAUWERPA[SDFPO ASDFASD....sorry I just busted a gut laughing so hard at the thought of being able to take a vacation....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March For Babies 2008!


If I had a dollar for everytime somone said, "Are they twins?" or "Double Trouble!" I would not have to ask you for any donations! Unfortunantly Captain Obvious doesn't hand out cash...just sarcasm!

So I need your help! We are participating in the March For Babies not only because we believe in the March of Dimes mission to save babies...but our family has lived it! Premature birth is the #1 cause of newborn death and the biggest threat to babies’ health today, and through March For Babies, the March of Dimes is funding important research to find out why premature birth happens and what can be done to prevent it.

Please support my fundraising efforts by sponsoring us in March For Babies today. Every dollar you pledge will help preemies survive just like Allie and Brooke. Contributing to my walk online is fast, easy and secure. Simply click on "Sponsor Me" in the March For Babies tab on the right of this page. With your support, there’s daughters have felt that hope, please give others a fighting chance as well.

Thank you,
Mom, Dad, Allie & Brooke