Thursday, March 27, 2008


"Now accepting babysitter applications!"
"I said I wanted a SOLID chocolate bunny...!"
"The refs called a good game tonight..."

Allie realizing that a big ring won't fit through a small star. But she was just staying quite while Sissy (her new favorite word) went all Fightclub on us!

The effects of a double ear infection and little sleep...

Brooke realizing that what comes out of the sippy-into the mouth-out of said mouth-and into bib- is still good milk!

Brooke helping Allie feel better by making funny faces. It is so sweet when Allie is sick, tired or just plain grumpy; Brooke will bring her a toy and gently give it to her.

Nothing busts a fever like sitting sans pants on the cold kitchen tile!

Did I already mention that Brooke really wants you to babysit!?


All ball? ALL BULL!!!!!I am still giving the HORSE LAUGH on this one...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Heart Will Go On...

Bailey Dog passed tonight after falling to heart disease. Her mind was willing, but her body wasn't able any more. She was a loved member of this family. A pet that knew her place and was happy to occupy it. Mom is sad, this has been her companion and confidant for the last 11 years. Bailey was with her through her highest highs, and lowest lows. She was there to meet me on our first date and I was happy to just pass the "Bailey Test!" She was there when we brought our daughters home...she was one of the first words that our twins said, "Dawwgy!" She was there to guard us with her keen hearing and boisterous bark. She will be missed. She will never be replaced. She is free of pain... if you see Mom, give her a hug and some love.

Thanks for being a good dog!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Way You Make Me Feel...

Sorry that it has been a while. Sometimes life isn't just that interesting! HA! I do however have news to tell you. It has been a long time since we have given you one of these:
Allie: 22 lbs. 6oz.
Brooke: 21 lbs.
Both are legal to face forward in their car seats now...I am sure they love seeing where were going and not where we have been! They both have ear infections right now. But that is nothing new. They get one every month...and the have TUBES!!! This frustrates us to no end. Every time we go to Dr. B he gives us the bad news that "ooze" is coming out the tubes. Parents, when does this end?
Take a look at these pictures: this was the girls dressed in their Sunday best. Super cute I would venture to say, if I can self-revoke my "mancard" for a moment. I don't fully understand "outfits" for little girls. Where can these dresses be worn again? Not church...wouldn't want the crowd to see our girls in the same outfit twice...and by the time we think that every one of the 2 million mothers out there forgets our girls outfits, the girls are to big to wear them again. I am sure this paradox is covered in the "woman's prerogative" rulebook I forgot to read.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When Its Over...

So much happiness and fun. Yummy wash clothes to eat, duckies to play with...


Until Brooke decided to take out the stopper! No more water for Allie to slurp up!


These pics are for family down in the "Southern Refuge!" Remember this white stuff? It is snow...say it with me...Snnnnnoooowwww!
For the family up in the north...1" of the white stuff is all we got, baby!