Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

Dad Here:
OK, guys...have you ever been accidentally kicked in your groin region? Well that is how I felt on Saturday night. Seriously, can Fran just drive down highway 6 with Kyle Field in his rear view already? The Aggies lost to in The University of in a BASKETBALL school! (BTW - KU? Shouldn't it be Kansas University? What's up with that OU?) I am done.

Being as Aggie fan is like being told over and over that your are hot enough, smart enough, strong enough, but that girl just wants to be friends. We are perpetually in the "Friends Zone." Forgot friendships...I want to be married to a top 10 team team and throw in an affair with a BCS National Championship every so often just to keep things spicy! Is that too much to ask for?

Sunday was much better. The family went to a pumpkin patch! Check out the pics below. We also paid $12 to figure out that our girls are too young to enjoy a petting zoo, so Mom N' Dad got to feed some goats, sheep and one nasty cheap copy of Bevo! Our babies were the cutest ones out there. People with their own children were stopping to take pics of our kids...and their children weren't even around. Not much to this weekend...oh and Allie crawled for the first time and Mom's car got broken into and purse stolen.

I fought every urge to get a coat hanger and form it into a "13-0" branding iron!

Like the outfits? That is all on Mom! Dad would have had them in God knows what. Good thing Mom is around to mix n' match and make our girls look like fashion mavens!

Hey Brooke... say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

The one time that both girls are looking up at the same time and it is not even at the is to watch the "interesting" people at the pumpkin patch!

No need for tissues when you have an "Express-o-matic-nose picker" around

And it wasn't even a windy day???

The Buffalo is out to pasture...already given up its wings for human consumption!
You are witness to my whole life! These three beating hearts, souls. Without them I am nothing...with them I am everything.

Brooke breaking a pumpkin. Break you buy it!

Mom here:

Just a quick note to tell you more about our weekend. Our weekend did not get off to such a great start. On Friday, my work was having a carnival and BBQ and lots of fun activities at lunch, so I decided to go pick up the girls and bring them back with me since families were invited. So, I ran into daycare and was gone about 3 minutes. When I came back – in broad daylight mind you – I just happened to glance at my driver’s side window and thought how sparkly my window looked. It took me about 2 seconds to realize that those sparkles were broken glass. Someone had smashed a big hole in my window! And yes, I had left my purse sitting in the passenger seat, and now it was gone. So, I ran the girls back in and immediately called the police and the bank. The losers had already used my credit card! And let me just tell you some fun things that these not so nice people scored: credit cards, checks, my BRAND NEW cell phone (complete with phone numbers that I don’t know otherwise), driver’s license and social security card (and yes, I am FULLY aware of the big no-no it is to carry your SS card with you and promise to have learned that lesson the hard way). So, now I am without a driver’s license. And here is the funny thing. You can’t get a driver’s license without a SS card, and you can’t get a SS card without a driver’s license. Nice. It was already hard enough when I was at the bank on Saturday trying to transfer my funds to a new account. Try that without any ID. But, I got it done, and I can’t access my account until after the weekend. It’s just such a violation and such a hassle to get these things replaced. Not to mention the $500 dollars we will spend replacing the cell phone, purse, wallet, makeup, car window and tinting. But, you know what? The sun WILL come out tomorrow. And it did! This afternoon (Sunday), Allie crawled! She crawled about 6 steps. She has never crawled more than one step without falling to her belly. So, I’ll gladly give up my valuables for something so awesome as that anyday!! Those 6 little steps erased all the frustration and anger that I had about my stolen purse. That is absolutely priceless! Isn’t it amazing how God shows us his grace and love in the smallest things and reminds us that our worldly possessions are nothing compared to the miracles He has in store for us each day. I was so upset about all my “valuables” being stolen, and then He reminds me that true happiness isn’t in these things. They are in the simple things like your baby crawling for the first time. Thank you Lord for this reminder!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

School Days...

Hey everyone! It’s mom. I haven’t blogged in forever, so dad has been keeping you updated. Since I last wrote forever ago, lots has happened. I started back to work last month, so the girls started “school.” Can I just tell you how hard it was to leave the girls all day long?! I would be lying if I said that it’s easier now because it’s not. I really miss the girls during the day. It feels like a big hole in my heart. I know they are being well taken care of and making new friends, but it’s still hard. I stay really busy at work, so the days fly by. The girls are graduating soon to the “toddler room (12-24 months). We wanted to start them out in the infant room because Allie is still behind on her development. But, they are going to be moving up soon. They have made friends, so that makes me happy. Speaking of Allie, she is still working with a physical therapist and is doing pretty well. She still isn’t crawling, but we can definitely see progress with her. She is just taking her time with everything. Brooke, on the other hand, stands up on everything, and can walk along things while holding on. Such a big girl!

Our house has been full of sickness lately. Allie, Brooke, and dad have all been fighting being sick for a week or more now. Both girls were running a pretty high fever over the weekend, which was kinda scary since it was really our first fever. So, we went to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup and a flu shot. And, of course, both girls had ear infections. This is Brooke’s 5th ear infection since July. FIFTH!! It is Allie’s first. The doctor warned us last time that one more would equal ear tubes, and guess what? Brooke is getting tubes in her ears. We go next week to the ENT doctor and then will probably have the procedure done about a week after that. We hope that will clear up any more infections, and hopefully Allie’s will clear without tubes.

I have lots of pictures to add below. And because it’s too hard to chose, I am posting a bunch of pictures. Hope you enjoy!

You can't help but smile when Brooke flashes her big silly smile!

And who wouldn't love Allie's sweet face!

Brooke sleeping

Allie sleeping peacefully with Tigger

Allie and Brooke playing with the GINORMOUS dog that our sweet friend Cherrie Pie gave them as an early Christmas gift. They had so much fun playing with this dog!

Brooke's serious pose...


Allie again

Allie excited about her cool new BIG dog!

Brooke meeting her new dog friend today. We gotta come up with a name for this big thing!

Because my shirt says so...

Brooke loves to stand up at the back door and make barking noises when the dog is outside

Allie and Brooke playing with the BIG DOG

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot Blooded....

So must of you know that I love college football. I mean I would trade 10 games on Sunday for 1 good game on Saturday. So it came to no surprise around the house this weekend that two once proud football programs of TAMU and Nebraska would not garner any takers to televise the game. Not even the Vs. channel... they show Downhill mountain biking for goodness sake... So I tuned in to the game on the Internet and listened to what team that was going to suck a tad bit less today while Mom so graciously took the girls shopping at the mall. Yea, I know...twist her arm! I am glad to tell all of you that The Cornhuskers sucked a little bit more on this windy Fall day. Hide your carbohydrates...this guy is coming to town next!

I am tired of having sick kids. It makes me so sad for them. They can't yet communicate to us what hurts. Brooke is usually wild and crazy and won't stand still even if you bribed her with all the Pooh dolls and pacifiers in the world. Today, she crawled a few feet, sat up and just looked at us for like 5 minutes. Her eyes and nose both leaking fluids. Then she found one of your throw pillows and laid down on it and just stayed put. Allie is more dramatic. She cries some freaky wolf howl cry like, "Ahoooowwwww!" We live in an area that was once infested with Coyotes and today some still linger...I am sure they are all in our backyard after Allie's "calling of the dogs!" We are only into Fall for about a week now and they are already sick. I pray that this is not a LONG Winter. People, wash your hands and sneeze into the crevice at your elbow bend and not in your hands. *In Best Smokey the Bear voice* Remember folks, only you can prevent RSV, MRSA, and the Flu.

The girls in sweeter times. They have been sick off and on for a couple of weeks now. Mom N' Dad have had to deal with our first bout of fever in the girls. Mom is nice enough to do all the rectal temp checks. I get the forehead sweep machine. Mom should get a medal for all the "dirty" work.

Allie really gets into her books!

The girls are finally getting some hair around other parts of their heads. They used to look like Charlie Chaplin! From the look of this picture, I guess they are not going hungry often!?

They both love this window. Hence the finger, snot, booger, grease smudges all over the glass. We have to sure up the curtain is some type of origami knot in order to keep the little crazies from pulling down the whole window treatment.

Allie doing her best Dad impression!

Monday, October 15, 2007

S.O.S. Same ole' Situation...

So the annual Aggie/Raider game was played and for 10 of the last 13 years...the same result. 10-3 bad guys over that time. A new regime is desperately needed in Aggieland. So in honor of the big game the girls got on their best little cheer outfits. Side note: A&M doesn't have cheerleaders so we practiced a bit of liberties with Brooke's outfit. They had these little slipper shoes and would shove them in their mouth whenever they could. Kind of fitting since a certain Aggie has put his foot in his mouth twice already this year. I am not going to name any names...but his name rhymes with "Ja-Porky!"

What a clown Allie can be. She is so serious all the time it is nice to see her lighten up every now and then!

I love that smile. I melts my heart each time!

SIDE NOTE: Please don't mind the Dirty-as-sin baseboards and trim...anyone know a good maid...and have an extra few $$$???

Still want to come over and babysit? Brooke dares you!!!