Monday, July 23, 2007

The Spirit of Aggieland...

Sorry peeps, it has been almost a week since the last post. My bad! I have a good excuse though...EA just released NCAA 08 for the Playstation and I have been leading my beloved Aggies to video game glory winning National Championships like Michael Vick wins...well you know! To my estimation the 2008 Aggies will be National Champions and Goodson, Lane, Franks, and McGee will all be invited to the New Your Athletic Club this winter!
Enough about my unresolved sports hero issues...I didn't get enough hugs as a child. Here are pics of what you really want to know about:

Allie: She is sitting! OK, more like leaning... but it is a good start and a great milestone that she is reaching. Allie is registering about 4 months behind in the developmental process. So we get REALLY excited when she does the littlest things!

Allie: Look really close and you will see a tooth!

Allie: Looks like Daddy on a Saturday afternoon in Fall after eating pizza and watching the game.

Allie: (w/ special guest appearance from Lil' Sis) happy to be getting some air conditioning after a good stroll around the block with mom.

Allie: Getting ready for dinner with a little roll on the floor.

Brooke: hamming it up with her new toy. It barks, meows and speaks in three languages. Someone give me a hammer!

Brooke: No silly caption gives this pic justice. Scroll down to the next picture when you are done snickering!

Brooke: She pulls up on everything: Mom, Dad, dog, TV, toilet...yup...

Brooke: That sneaky tooth is showing up again. Funny how it just bounces from mouth to mouth like that.

Brooke: Another pic that needs no other comment.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Once Bitten, Twice Shy...

So we have hit a milestone here at the casa. The girls have teeth. Well actually one tooth each, but since I deal in constant's teeth! Grandma felt Allie chewing on her finger the other night and wouldn't you know there was a tooth peaking out of her gums. Now all they do is put EVERYTHING in their mouth and drool all down their shirts! Seriously folks, two teething babies...envious?

1) Is the fact that I act like a chick when I see Tigger and Pooh stuff make me less of a man?
2) Will my girls enjoy fishing, shooting, Playstation like I do?
3) How do guys bond with little girls once they are seen only as "Bank of Dad!?"
4) 10,000+ people have visited this site...who would have thought?
5) The Aggies play on our girls first birthday...will they miss me at the party?
6) Speaking of cake or two?

Brooke enjoying some sit time with her stockpile of toys. Since she is mobile, she gets all the toys and hoards them. She will crawl right up to her sister and grab her toy and take it to her little pile!

Allie enjoying her light up toys. She is such a sweet baby. She tries so hard to crawl and be like her sister but just can't get it. Hopefully with the upcoming physical therapy she will be able to get a chance to catch up.

Just chillin' like little villains. I am sure they are thinking of a way to sneak something past us. "Hey, distract...I will go and destruct!"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Jump Ahead...

Okay, less talking and more pictures, I know. Here ya go:

Brooke's new trick is pulling up on her knees with whatever is in front of her. Usually she falls backwards and gets stuck in some really awkward position and cries until someone comes and helps her back up. But, she tries to put her foot underneath her occasionally, so it won't be long until she is pulling up to her feet! What a big girl!

Allie is hanging out in her crib with Mr. Elephant. She is going to get an assessment next week by a physical therapist since she is a bit behind Brooke in her physical skills.

Gotcha Allie!

Brooke is sitting still for one brief moment before she gets busy crawling and pulling up on her knees.

Brooke with red, puffy eyes from crying. She was done jumperooing, but she gave a quick smile for the camera.

Brooke showing off the jumper that we just got. These are SO great at night to get the girls all tired out for bed!

Allie's new trick is clapping. She gets so excited if you clap and say "YAY" so she claps along too. SO CUTE!!!

"This is how I roll"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News...

We've been without internet for a few days so I feel like I've been disconnected from the world (sad, huh). I am up and running now (okay, not literally). I can walk most of the time without a limp though, so that's an improvement. Guess my torn hip muscle is healing all up!

Well, we have our first official DOUBLE ear infection. YIPPEE!! I took the girls to the doctor today b/c Brooke was up ALL night coughing and struggling to breathe. Poor thing. The doctor said they both have colds, and Brooke has an ear infection in each ear. Even her little voice is hoarse. Ahhhhh, welcome to parenthood. It was inevitable that one or both of them get sick being that our church is a monstrosity with about a million kids. Lots of germs to catch. Guess our girls have to build up their immunities somehow, right? We got lots of medicine and antibiotics, so hopefully this stuff will be gone very soon!

Gotta post some pictures soon, but more important things to do right now - like suck out some snot. Don't be jealous!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry...

The girls had their 9 month shots on Monday (even though they are almost 10 months old). They got one shot and had their finger pricked. Allie didn't even cry at all! Such a big girl! She was even trying to lick her finger when the nurse was pricking it for blood. Brooke cried a little bit but only for about 20 seconds. We forgot to post the update on weight and height, etc... So, here goes:


Weight: 18 pounds 7 ounces (30%)
Height: 25 and 5/8 inches (not on the charts yet)
Head: 45 cm (70% - big head!)


Weight: 16 poundns 15 onces (8%)
Height: 26 inches (5% - taller, but thinner!)
Head: 43.5 cm (35%)

Now, the good news is that these numbers are not based on their adjusted age, which would be two and a half months earlier but their REAL age! That is awesome! Our girls are catching up!

I Go Swimming...

I know it is very Jr. High of me...but I get all embarrassed by the word cleavage! I am still deciding if these are under-sized bathing suits or over-sized children. Something wasn't right.

Brooke getting ready for a spin around the pool. She was never certain about all this. The water was too cold and she didn't much like the sensation of floating. I guess memories of being pinned up against mom's belly in the womb by her "Much" bigger sister were coming to the service of her subconscious!

Brooke on her cruise ship. She kind of had the "Clint Eastwood" stare while in the water. Neither happy nor sad, just straight out flat faced. Then of course she balled when she had had enough.

Allie has some grip. Look as Dad's left arm!? She was never certain that Dad wasn't going to dunk her! Which, mark it here, will happen later in their lives.

Allie after her traumatic experience. Maybe we will try it when it gets warmer. All this rain in Texas is really putting a hamper on my babies becoming "water babies."

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You Light Up My Life...

Back by popular demand...videos!

Allie having chicken for the first time. I think the face tells it all. As for the smell, holy crap on a stick Batman...that stuff stinks!

I guess it is safe to say that identical twins do indeed have the same tastes!

The girls fighting over their new favorite toy! This was a party favor from a party Dad attended. Forget the $40 Pooh and Tigger set...just give them a cool liteFX light slice and they are in heaven.

Monday, July 02, 2007

It's Hip to Be Square...

Hey all! Sorry it's been a whole week since we've posted. I can't say that we've been doing all that much, but we seem to be busy all the time. I (mom) am on crutches right now, which is kinda slowing us down a bit. Well, I should say that I am supposed to be on crutches, but I like to defy the rules and go without them. I went to Boot Camp on Thursday, and we ran sprints IN THE POURING RAIN for an hour. We did weights between each sprint, but about 30 minutes into the workout I knew I had hurt something b/c my hip and leg were killing me, but I decided to be cool and continue for the next 30 minutes in total pain. By the time the workout was over, I could barely walk to my car. Of course I thought that I would be fine and dandy by Friday morning, but I couldn't put any weight on my leg the next day. So, off to the ER for some X-rays. They told me I tore a muscle in my hip, which would explain the excruciating pain. They gave me crutches, pain killers, muscles relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. Good grief, do these people not know that I have two babies at home! So, I've been trying to walk on my own without the use of the medication, which is probably not a great idea. But, I think it's getting all better now b/c I can walk without much pain. I just have a bit of a limp for now b/c my legs are really stiff. No time for crutches and drowsy medicine!

The girls are getting their 9 month immunizations this afternoon, so that should be all kinds of fun. I can't believe they will be 10 months old this Saturday. Time flies! And then the girls are gonna go see their grandma tonight b/c dad is dying to see the advanced showing of the Transformers. So, I figured I'd tag along to see what all the hype is about. We haven't been to the movies in well over a year, so that alone will be fun!

That's all I got for are some pictures to enjoy!

The "hoss" in her dress. Is that my daughter or a East German ladies power lifter?

OK, seriously get me a modeling agency on the line. Look at that awesome look. That look alone could sell millions of baby items!

Someone call Phil Knight, cause this potty break is brought to you by Nike.

For the uninitiated...that ain't mud!

Holiday Road...Part 2

Now that Brooke is crawling, nothing is safe. Not even Dad's face. That green letter made its way into my nose about 20 seconds after this pic was taken.

Cousin N got to see them for the first time and couldn't get enough of holding them. Regardless of what Allie's face shows, she loved being held!

The West Texas clan.

The cousins enjoying some tummy time! HA! That Scooby blanket rocked. It was so soft, Mom and Dad fought over who would get to nap with it.

"I'm ready for my close-up!" Brooke loves the camera. And when I mean love, I am talking the type of love that Lindsay Lohan has with rehabs. Neither has seen one that can't resist!