Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Spin Me Right Round...

A's Ride

All smiles and screaming "Horsey!"

Reins...check...stirrups...check...dad, just in case...check

Loving her horsey!

What a daredevil. I was teasing her to let go and put her hands over her head and guess what...she did it! That's my girl!

B's Ride!

We started off terrified...maybe she was embarrassed of Dad's cheesy smile.

Maybe me being silly will coax it out of her...She just wants off!

Nope...that didn't work

Calming down a bit...

Enjoying the ride...right as it stops...and the crying begins anew as we have to get off the ride because she wants to keep riding

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O's!

In hindsight, Spaghetti-O's were not a great idea. Just for the record, this meal started out in a bowl with a spoon. It just didn't end up this way.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing...

We are bad, very bad bloggers! I know some of you (well, all two of you) are wanting pictures of the babies...well that will be right up. For those of you that know us personally or see us on a regular basis might not notice how these two little girls have grown into their own over the last few months. I love playing "Monster" or "Zombie" with them. You look perplexed, what is Zombie you might ask? Well it is basically the game of chase where they freak out when I get them cornered. They panic and scream, laugh and freeze up much like those goats that pass out when excited. It is a ton of fun!

The girls in their Sunday best ready for church.

The girls love these hats that Mom got them. Gotta love that grin on on them, huh?

Get Walt Disney on the line...I think we have a show in the works!

This is the girls first venture into gymnastics. B loves standing on her head and raising her hands up so she is tripoding with her feet and forehead. A tries but can't get there just yet. She's trying hard!

This is what happens when the girls help with the laundry....I think they need some more time?