Monday, November 26, 2007

Goodbye to Texas University...

So Dad is a HAPPY Camper after this weekend and has a ton to be Thankful for. I have three wonderful women in my life. I got stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie on Thursday. But I got the sweetest gift on Friday, or as Aggies call it - T+1. The annual civil war, the Lonestar Showdown. Brother against brother, father against son and best...coworker against coworker! Not only did we get another year of "scoreboard" we got rid of our over promising yet under delivering head coach. Bring on the Sherminator, The Sherman Tank. Be careful big XII when the Sherman Army comes to town in 2008!

First it was 12-7 now 38-30.

Brooke cheering on the Aggies!!!

Brooke hamming for the camera. She loves this pillow. Whenever she sees it she B-lines to it and rolls just like this all over it!

Allie loves putting things on her head. We are really working with both girls to say bye and do the waving motion. They do it when they want to. But both of them think it is the funniest thing to have their toys put on each others heads.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Climb Every Mountain...

So I (dad) learned something new this Friday. That is is illegal to accelerate through a yellow light. Who am I kidding, that light couldn't have been any more red! So I get a ticket for that and also because my inspection sticker was due last month. I also learned something else, officers in our town must hate their jobs because they won't smile at anything! So I spend Saturday getting my truck up to code and $500 later I now have a current inspection! Now do you think the judge will take the fact that I have twins in consideration when I throw myself at the mercy of the court? I knew that my truck wouldn't pass but $500 on my truck is the last thing I could afford right now. The girls eat and poop us our of house and home. So if anyone out in cyberland has a need for a recently inspected pick up...I have one for rent!

This is what happens when Operation: Tired Child commences! We just got home from one of our famous "mall outings" and the girls had had enough stimulation. Mom put them in the chairs to actually eat lunch. In our house, sleep trumps all!

The girls attacking Mom! They play their crazy rendition of "king of the Hill" where they climb up your body and then realize that they are 14 months old and not so coordinated and tumble back to the ground laughing all the way!

Dad and "his" twin! Mom has Brooke and I get Allie. Man-on-man defense is they only way to play our girls. No cover 2, no deep zone - just straight-up "on an island" mono y mono! Now 50% of you reading this are laughing out loud because you understand every term used...the other 50% are like cover who?

Care to have the girls stay at your place for an evening? This is our living room after an afternoon of playing "romper room!"

Allie doing her best Winnie the Pooh impersonation! All she is missing is the honey pot!

And not to be outdone, Brooke does her best Gene Simmons!

Now is this baby 1/2 me? She is way too cute and sweet to be my daughter!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Music to My Ears...

Sorry patrons of everything blog a la A&B! We have been on lock down over here lately. Flu season had been upon us for about 17 minutes and the girls start sneezing and coughing green goo, and tugging on ears. We were told a couple of weeks ago that Brooke would need tubes in her ears to help in the pressure/draining. She has basically had one continuous ear infection since August. So it was long enough. We went in this Wednesday to get her tubes put in. Got up before the sun and had her at the hospital a few minutes later. Mom was smart to pre-check her in so we flew right upstairs and went straight in. I don't want to say we are numb to the idea of our girls being in the hospital and having medical things done, but the girls have been through a ton. Both have had ventilators, have been anaesthetised, surgeries, MRI's, etc...So the idea of a little gas to knock Brooke out wasn't all that bad. Heck, I need that when I go to the dentist. Otherwise, I am like a wounded animal in that chair. I will fight to the last drop of spit is suctioned out of my mouth! But anyways...Brooke was taken to the OR at 6:57 am and we were talking to the Dr. at 7:10 and mom was holding Brooke at 7:20. Simply amazing that it only takes 5-7 minutes to do something that will take us 5-7 years to pay off! Brooke is doing great! She talks so much more now...even though it is still "DA DA DA" to mom's disappointment.
Brooke being such a little trooper!

Pedi-anaesthesiologist checking Brooke out before her tubes.

One of the most touching pics...even with the goofy grin. Mom just gave Brooke over to the Dr.s to go and do the procedure.

Moments after she returns to Mom's arms. Tubes and all.

One she got some food in her she was fine...just like her Daddy. Feed me and I am good to go!

"Whats that? Allie can crawl? Show me!"

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Too bad it is time for bed and not 7am

Like my bangs?

The girls after a long night of shopping. We sometimes take them to the mall so people can stop and ask us questions: Are they twins? Are they boys? How do you do it? and our best...What DR. did you use?