Monday, May 26, 2008

Why You Sweatin Me???

UPDATE: Well all girls are home now. Allie and mom stayed at the hospital last night so Allie could get an IV drip and be monitored for a "liver condition." We will know more in a week. Dad and Brooke stayed at home since Brooke got an IV "head start" on Monday. Both are now full of fluids and have not vomited in almost 24 hrs. Brooke actually drank over 40 oz. of Gatorade by herself today. I wish I could say the same thing for the other end of the twins...I was not aware that a human could make that much stink! Now for the icing...Mom n' Dad both have it! Mom is in bed with a very upset stomach and no appetite and Dad in watching TV with a few "upchucks" under his belt today. And to top it all off...our pediatrician forgot about us at the hospital and went home without releasing Allie. The charge nurse had to call him and remind him!

For those selfless souls out there that are serving our country in war time...or those families that they leave behind...or for the thousands that have paid the ultimate price for freedom...A Vs. B thanks you with a big two sided kiss!

As for all the rest of was your Memorial day weekend? If it did not include the following items then it was more fun than ours: "IV Fluids", "vomit", "diarrhea", "ER", "5 sticks and still no go with the IV", "blown veins", or "no solid foods since last Thursday!"

Keeping count it goes something like this:
1 - number of girls that are in the ER as I currently right this.
2- number of times Allie threw up in my lap this weekend. And also the number of girls in the ER earlier today.
3 - how many people it takes to hold the girls down while they are administered IV's
4 - days without solid food
5 - times that Allie was poked today trying to find a vein...they all 'blew out' before fluids could be given.

Wrap it up: Girls have been vomiting since Wednesday night. Have have little or no solid food since then...and if so, thrown it up. Only thing that can keep down in Gatorade and that just started today. They both were taken to the ER this morning and spent the next 4 hours hanging out there. Brooke getting IV fluid and Allie, well, just being stuck with needles. She is now with mom at the ER again trying for an IV, which I just got word that they were successful. After 8 tries...Allie is finally getting much needed fluids.

You might ask how it got this far? Well you know that 24/7 phone line that your pediatrician and or insurance company gives you? Well, their advice is what we followed for the last couple of days. Heck, they are Ped's, RN's and other medical professionals. But there is one key element...they can't see our girls, they only can go off what we tell them and then they take the lowest common denominator (they are insurance based after all!) and go from there.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Kiss, Your Kiss Is On My Lips...

I just read a quote that is so true they should add another book to the Bible and call it Dads: And Dads 33:17 would read, "Beautiful daughters are the Lord's punishment for the Father's misspent youth.You clearly were a bad boy!" With two BEAUTIFUL daughters and one EXTRAORDINARY wife...I must have been really bad in my formative years!

Sisters being sweet...

They love the couch. every chance the can they get up on it and run from side to side like some wild pack of tennis ball wranglers! Brooke brings her little chair over and uses it as a step to get up there, while Allie still needs the lifting arms of a "willing" accomplice to be elevated.

Besides "Mine," "No" has become Allie's favorite word. And she knows the meaning as well. We ask her if she wants to sleep. "No", she says. Very convincingly I might add!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


OK this post goes out to all the TMZ watchers, paparazzi supporters, no news "news" readers. This is a brief sampling of celebrities and athletes that have twins. None as special as mine...but with all this multiples in the news daily you would think I could get a free seat at the trendy restaurant, don't you!?

Marcia Cross
Brendan Morrow
Patrick Dempsey
Rodney and Hollie Peete
Sean "diddy" Combs
Diana Krall
Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony Julia Roberts
Dennis Quaid

Cleopatra (played here by E. Taylor)
Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Dave Matthews
Denzel Washington
I know there is more than this...but this project gave me tired head quickly. I don't understand the big deal on celebrity in the US. Is is reality TV that did it...if so, we all need to blame Julie and Eric from the first season of MTV's Real World for starting it all. When a daughter of a now dead lawyer on the OJ Simpson's defense team is more famous and recognizable than the Secretary or State..."Houston, we have a problem!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Spin Me Right Round...

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there...well not everyone, just the women who have dropped a calf or two...unless you are this guy...gross! Here is to all the women out there that do the hardest job in the world. And to my wife, I know that I can be a jerk, a hothead, a slob, a hardheaded goon and a dork...but you gave me the best presents in the world in the birth of our little angels and for that I am forever grateful! You are awesome, and don't let any stupid thing I do or say tell you any different.

Our girls are doing well. The daily Zyrtec is doing wonders. We have been ear infection free for a week. The first week in a LONG TIME! We are still figuring out how to eat out with the girls. They love sitting there and eating the hard boiled eggs and hot dog...but when it comes to banana pudding and chocolate mousse - forget it. You would have thought we placed molten lava on their tongues by the way they reacted today. Good for us...don't need them craving sweets anyhow.

Brooke does this spin thing now for fun, see video below. And it serves for much entertainment for us! Allie enjoys it at well and cheers her on each time.

Allie still has her shoe inserts, they aren't doing anything just yet. We pray that it just clicks with her someday soon and she just stands and walks. She can stand supported with her knees locked out, and methodically - almost robotic - scoot across the furniture. Brooke helps her out a ton by bringing her toys, sippy cups and other things to her. She also steals things and takes off! Funny, until Allie yells out "Mine Sissy!" and attacks!


This is how I roll!

Why walk when I got this cozy chair and MILK!, right round. Like a record player! Right round, round, round!