Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dancin' Queen(s)...

The girls dancing to the ABC Worm! Allie rocking on all fours and Brooke getting a little "west Coast" smooth on you guys! You Got Served!!!!

They love getting in their "bucket!"

We do not know what it is about this carrot...but the girls love it and will brandish knuckles to get it from the other! At all times, this carrot is in one of the girl's mouth!

Brooke having fun in the entertainment center shelving. I think she has a good career coming up as a "tunnel rat!"

If only Allie knew where those wipes are intended to be used!? YUCK!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Turn Your Love Around...

Dad here! Just got back from being away from my babies (yes all "three" of them) for a whole week. My driving force while away was to get back home to hug and kiss on all three! I love my kids...and nothing reaffirms that like some time away to really see what is important in life. Amidst all the anger, stupidity and frustration of my trip I can take a step back and see the images of my kids in the NICU struggling with life some 16 months ago and all I can think to myself is "Nothing else matters!" Not an angry exhibitor, nor a dumb brained decision by the "higher ups" can change the fact that I have seen nightmares and miracles...and you sirs...are neither! I arrived home to, lets just call it, little fan fare! Both girls were sound asleep as Mom pulled up to the airport. I must say that after being gone a week, my wife must have gotten prettier by the day! I just simply forgot how beautiful she really is. I guess you take advantage of it when you get to lay down next to her each night!!!! As Napoleon Dynamite says..."LUCKY!!!!!" My girls are freaking amazing. I sit in awe as Brooke grabs her toys and walks across the floor and then climbs all over the window sill or ottoman. My heart melts when I see Allie, who is playing with two shoes, hands one to her sister so they can share and each have one. I am a blessed man. Not so much lucky...but blessed!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Allie and mommy in the hospital.

Poor thing, the nurses tried 4-5 different times to get her blood before they finally got it. Every time anyone walked into the room after that, she would freak out. Who can blame her?

Allie in hospital crib jail

Look who came to cheer her up - Brooke!

Allie home after the hospital - feeling MUCH better now. She loves to wear daddy's hat.

Sweet Brooke

Allie's first piggy tail :)

Brooke's first piggy tail - only lasted about 5 seconds before she pulled it out.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The family is separated tonight. Allie was checked into the hospital for observation today and will stay the night. She has had very shallow breathing and our Dr. wanted to rule out pneumonia, RSV and other yucky stuff! Well we were there for hours getting breathing treatments and steroids that open up her lungs, and all along we found out that the Dr's were looking at the wrong orifice!

Turns out, just like her father, she is full of ****! Her bowels and other nasty parts were so impacted with poo that it was pushing on her diaphragm which made her lungs not full with air and hence the shallow fast breathing. After an enema and several MESSY diapers she is feeling much better.

Mom is going to stay with her overnight at the hospital and I have Brooke and Bailey watch at the Casa. We are so blessed that it wasn't anything more traumatic than a big nasty dump that Dad would be proud of , but it still is dangerous when Dr's are flying in and out of your room ordering tons of tests and your baby is in such pain. I have a few pics to post once the camera gets home from the hospital with Baby A!