Friday, December 29, 2006

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Our girls love bath time. I am sure all babies do, but our girls kick back and get scrubbed as good as any A-list celebrity pampering you have ever read about in People Magazine. Mom does all the washing. Dad is to afraid of drowning them! Why can't you just snatch them up and take them into the shower with you and hose off at the same time? Other that it being kind of icky...they might just squirt out of my arms like a greased watermelon...thats why!
All my happiness about the Aggies sound defeat of the longhorns was short lived if you watched the beating they took in the Holiday Bowl. A sentence that has become second nature to me..."There is always next year!"
Brooke already hamming it up for the camera!

Allie doing her best E.T. impersonation!

Hard to show in a stop action photo, but this is both girls rolling over in unison for the first time!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Baby...

It's official. I am starting the "Mom N' Dad Need a Nanny Fund." Mom spends all day pumping and feeding that she has no time to spend stimulating our little girls to keep them awake. So when things are supposed to be calming down at night -- our girls are dressed and ready to hit the clubs! If you notice the time of this post you will know why I am about to stick my head in the oven and pray we have natural gas and not electric. The clock just rolled on the good ol' 1 AM in my house and my girls are wide awake!

One will scream her head off for 10 minutes and then relax...then that is when the "twin paradox" takes place. The MOMENT that Allie falls asleep, Brooke gets up and proceeds to scream and moan as if she was being forced to listen to Eddie Rabbit's I love a Rainy Night over and over again. I have truly entered another realm of tired - the "who the heck am I" tired. I just got a quick glance of my face in the mirror and I look like a buffet after Rosie O'Donnell passed through. TORE UP!

The game of keep Dad awake just switched courts...and picked up tempo. Brooke is now quite and Allie is barfing! I am sure this is not a good time to mention that my contract only stated one child. Do I get overtime for the 2nd?

You know what the hardest thing is...that you can't help but feel guilty when you pick one girl up and leave the other sitting in her chair. The one you pick up instantly stops crying and becomes content. However, the other one is still whaling like a beat mule and you can't help but feel bad. Unfortunately for Mom N' Dad you can't play Man on Man defense 24 hrs a day. Zone defense is a bit trickier if darn right impossible.

It is now 1:30 AM - both girls are wide awake and screaming! Mom is oblivious to this as she could sleep through the Second Coming! Bailey just came over with a checkered bandana filled with her possessions and tied to a stick and is making a B-line to the boxcar train that comes by the house every 20 minutes. I am pondering the idea of slamming the back of my head into the corner of the table to knock me out. Unconscious is as good as asleep, right?

Till later faithful friends and family. I have two wonderful girls! Mean it!

I forgot that Mattel made our girls! "Dress Up Twins" in stores now!

Brooke faking it all the way!

Allie checking her watch to see what time she needs to get up for her early morning "Hose Dad time!"

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Stranger Things...

Allie has a mushroom for a belly button. This is really called umbilical hernia. It is really funny when she cries hard and it looks like a big wad of chewing gum about to be blown into a bubble! Mom N' Dad find it hard to resist the urge to push on it!

Did another child design these tees? Not exactly matching the girls alike, but dressing them similar. Or if I was the Prez, would that be Simular? Crazy West Texans!

Even Dog hasn't been getting any sleep! She looks like we feel! At least she would be too tired, not to mention lazy, to chew off our babies toes!

Running Down a Dream...

Anyone that reads this ever use one of these Bumbo seats? We are thinking about getting 2 of these for the girls. This lady we talked to swore by it when she had an infant. They would be perfect to feed two at the same time. Please add a comment and tell me your experience with these seats. They kid of look like medieval torture seats, but if it works...torture away!

I can not believe that it is a week before Christmas and I am debating turning on the AC in the house. The digital thermostat says it is 79 degrees inside my house today. I love my girls but I wish we had "normal" kids on days like this. It is so nice outside this weekend it would have been great to get out and take a walk or go to the mall and get some shopping done. But we are kind of prisoners in our own home with these two and their preemie status. We were told a short walk outside would be ok, but there is the ringing threat from the NICU Dr's about RSV and other sickness' our girls could get from exposure. So we sit and care for our girls on "house arrest." I can't wait until the CDC claims the flu season is over in late April or May. Then we can get the girls out in crowded places and not have to fear every time someone sneezes or coughs.

Dad can't wait to strap on his trusty New balances and take a good long run with his girls in one of these bad boys! The first one is a typical jogger. The second one is a freaking beast! I could run over SUV's with that thing. It is $399. The baby companies have a racket going...Seriously has anyone called the Fed's on this?

Mom N' Dad are in a bit of a celebratory mood right now...A&B had their first poops in over 3 days. One was green, the other brown. Weird?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Whisky Lullaby...

"Sleep...what is it good for...huh...Absolutely nothing..huh!"
If sleep was a commodity and traded on the stock exchange, it would go for more than gold and oil futures combined. I get tons more than Mom and I feel like the waling dead. I bet Mom feels like she is dead.
Mom has finally taken up "zone defense" on the girls during feeding. No more 'Man on man" for her. She gets them both in their chairs and plugs them both up at the same time. Mom is very inventive. Gets the feedings done in 1/2 the time.

We promise that we do not put Whisky in their milk! But its a thought if they don't start sleeping better...

The Shirts say it all. Introducing Mom's new live action dress-up dolls!


Allie 7 lbs. 14 oz.
Brooke 7 lbs. 14 oz.

Monday, December 11, 2006

If I only Had a Brain...

Our girls are getting more and more similar each day. They sleep exactly a like, and they have the same mannerisms already. They even wake up at the exact same time to eat. It is kind of spooky. They both make this noise like a horse naying. It is quit funny!
Remind me to never let my kids watch the Wizard of Oz. It is on as I post this and I wasn't aware that there was an LSD problem in America in 1939!
Do you really need to buy Christmas presents for 3.5 month olds? Would they know? Would they care? Aren't they content with just a diaper change and some milk a few times a day? What do you buy a 3.5 month old?

You like Brooke's wrist bling? It is all the rage!

Everyone has "that picture!" You know the one, the one you took yourself at arms length of you and your best friend after one too many during a night on the town...

Whooooaaahhh! I have a sister that looks just like me!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rock You Tonight...(to sleep maybe?)

Can one person be this tired? And Dad is not 1/2 as tired as Mom is. I am going to call a spade what it is...SUCKS! I understand why POW's get deprived a sleep to disclose secret information...I would spill my guts for just a 30 minute nap!
Random Thoughts:
1) I am already thinking how cool its going to be to have backscratchers on call 24 hours a day?
2) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...oh sorry, I fell asleep for a minute!
3) Why do twins look so cute dressed alike?
4) Why do parents dress them alike? (See #3)
5) I am glad I didn't have SuperQuads.
7) What the heck was up with #6? Sleeeppy!
8) I am doubly blessed! Honestly, wouldn't change this freak show for the world!
9) Babies + constipation = not cool!
10) Baby's constipated butt + Dr's pinky finger = instant RELIEF!!!
Can you tell which is Dad's favorite* ? Look at those arms raised in victory! Bring on those Cal Bears!

"Who makes you smile, baby?"

Not yet understanding the "Tummy Time"

*disclaimer: There is no favorite. Both of my girls are great. I love them equally. They are both worthy of 1,000 ponies! BUT, and girls listen closely, Daddy loves a winner...and winners go to Texas A&M!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sick City...

So we might just be paranoid parents or just extra cautious...but Brooke is taking her first unexpected trip to the Dr's today. Mom and Brooke are there right now. She has had a deep hacking cough for about 48 hrs. She does not have a temperature nor has she been refusing feedings...but she was coughing a ton the last two days and was up and restless for 4-5 hours last night. Any parents out there feel me? Got any advice? Allie is sleeping away today. But I am all to prepared to take her to the Dr's office in the next 24-48 hrs due to the twin sickness thing. But anyone with more than one kid knows what I am talking about. We finally got some birth announcements if you receive one we love you...if not...just kidding! We only had enough $$ to print a few, so family and friends get one. But I have posted one for all to share.