Sunday, September 23, 2007

Had a Bad Day...

OK, so the tears have cleared from my eyes long enough to make a post. However, if these ramblings begin to make no sense it is because the rage inside me that is sparked by the mention of one "Coach Fran" is beginning to rear its ugly head again. Must resist...clothes ripping...muscles bulging...turning Maroon...need to stop the anger...AGGIE HULK SMASH!!!!

Here are some pics of the girls...and hoping that the rest of the Big XII doesn't hang a combined eleventy Billion points on my defenseless ags this season. I need a Prozac...

Dad thought it would be a good idea for a simple wash down to get both of them in the tub at the same time. Good thing Mom did the she always does! Thanks honey!

Can you tell us exactly how sticky you get when you eat peaches again?

We're going to need a bigger tub...

So I was startled out of my slumber the other morning with Mom saying something that sounds like "Oh, Sheet!" And let me tell you, when Mom lets those "words" fly..something is wrong, on fire, or both! So I run out of bed and the dog is growling and looking down at this monster spider on our back patio. Where in the heck did this thing come from? Was it someone's pet that got out? More importantly was it going to leap its hairy creepy self at my face and implant some alien eggs in my mouth? Didn't wait around to find out...God let some chemist invent Raid for a reason!

We are SOOOOO Cute!!! Slap-a-me-five!

Brooke is standing up on EVERYTHING. She is even getting up the nerve to let go with one hand and moving her feet just a tad. She then proceeds to go from smiley face to frightened face and cries for Mom or Dad to save her from the precarious situation.

Let me tell you...with the cash flying out of this house as fast as longwhorns are being arrested, I am glad that the girls are entertained by an empty 2-liter bottle.

I got two big teeth! And I am dressed in my Sunday Best!

Hey Allie, do you mind if Hillary Clinton comes to visit?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Standing Outside the Fire...

So my Aggies got an easy win this weekend against the Smurfs of U-La-Mo. Bigger than that they proved to the faithful that they can throw the ball past the line of scrimmage. Good for you get ready for The 'U'. And t.u.? Almost lost to a commuter school. Greatness!

But back to what you guys really come here for. The little ones. The girls start daycare tomorrow. We are excited and scared for them. They need the social interaction. Our girls are not going to qualify for Synagis shots this season, so we need them to have as many "fighters" in them as possible. Unfortunately, in order to build up those anti-bodies they have to get the coughs and sniffles and general yuck that goes around the local daycare.

Mom is going back to work!? The first year has been one of the best but yet one of the hardest for our girls and mom. It was great to have her home for the girls sake, but it was devastating on our "nest egg." I will let her comment on going back to work in a future post.

My little girls are so sweet. They have yet to initiate a hug yet, but will claw your eyes out or bite you without hesitation. Having two girls with totally different personalities is fun and a pain. One is tired and grumpy while the other is excited and ready for some action. It is really hard to get a quite hour around here with "multiple" personalities running around. They have found the window sills and blinds. That leads to 20 minutes of Mom n' Dad saying "No" over and over as they get into the blinds, the curtains, or the magazine rack next to the window. They also have found Chicken stix. Not what you think. This is the little vienna sausage looking things that are made from chicken. Mom had courage...or an iron stomach...and tasted one and led me to believe by her looks that roadkill would be fillet mignon compared. Enjoy some new pics and vids of the girls...and any of you guys want to donate to the "A vs. B" college fund...send checks or money orders to us!!

The girls making an early prediction of the outcome of the A&M/Tech game!

Brooke showing the world her "teefers!" Let me tell you...those "teef" hurt when pressed against your flesh! I think I am going to get her some Gold Grillz. She would look fergilicious - Whatever that means?

Allie sporting her "Lubbock HS" outfit.

Brooke loves to get up but has no clue of how to get down. She usually stands there for a long time and then gives out a scared/mad cry because she doesn't yet grasp the idea that her knees bend down as well as up!

Allie joins the party. She does fine once mom puts her in the standing position. Don't y'all love her doo?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

The girls have had a fun week after turning the big 0-1. We got together with our twin friends, Kaelyn and Shae and their mommy Ashley, for a play date on Wednesday. Brooke crawled around exploring everything while Allie sat and took it all in. We were hoping that she would start crawling by her 1st birthday, but she’s not quite there yet. But, we’re still working with a physical therapist, and I just know that she’ll get there in no time. I always talk about Allie and Brooke as one unit, but they are SO different from each other. Here is a little about each:

Allie: She is SO sweet. She is content to just sit and “read” a book. She has such a calm disposition. She studies people and things and just takes everything in. When people come up and talk to us (which is often), she stares at them and decides whether they are worthy of her smile. When you say “YAY,” she claps her hands and gives the sweetest smile. Daddy loves it because she will repeat “dada” when you say it to her. No “mama” yet, but we’re working on it. She likes to sit in daddy’s lap and watch tv. As long as she is being held, she is happy. But, she loves to play with her sissy too, as long as Brooke doesn’t beat up on her.

Brooke: She is our crazy little monkey. She is full of energy and won’t sit still for anything. When she’s in a good mood (which is most of the time), she has a smile that will light up any room. But, when she gets mad, you will definitely know about it. She has the loudest shrill when she cries and does a raspberry when she’s really mad. I just have to laugh at her when she does it, which usually makes her even madder. People say that she looks more like her daddy, which I can definitely see. She has been crawling for 3 months now and tries to pull up and stand on everything. Just today she started trying to stand on her head with her legs out straight (there’s a picture below). She is SO cute and SO busy all the time.

Speaking of Brooke, she just had a follow up appointment with the cardiologist last week. They were checking to see if her PDA was still open, and it is. So, we have to check back again when she turns 3. If the PDA is still open, they may have to close it surgically. They can’t do it now because her vessels are still too small to get a catheter in there.

Gotta go get ready for some more college football this weekend. Hope the Aggies don’t try to pull another one out in OT, or dad might blow a gasket. Gig Em’ Ags and Get Yer Guns Up. Now, that’s a house divided!

Allie practicing her rocking skills

I was trying to take a picture of Brooke here, and she climbed on top of me and got right in my face. She is learning that the camera means smile!

Allie pretty excited about something!

Brooke starting to get mad b/c it's night night time!

Allie doing some Army crawling across the floor

And Brooke is officially mad!

Brooke's new trick. And she insisted on doing it on the tile for some reason. Guess it felt better on her head than the soft carpet ???

Brooke at our playdate on Wed.

Allie trying to take off her pink sparkly shoes

Look at me, mom!

Allie digging in my purse...catcha!!

Kaelyn posing for the camera. She literally gives an official pose when she sees the cute!

Shae is checking out the fun equipment!

A & B are worn out from our jog earlier this week

What are you looking at? Your face, Brooke!

Just as pretty, Allie! Must have been bath night or I would have kept them a little cleaner!

Bib says it all...

Allie is digging her hairdo. It's probably staying still with all the pear juice that she wiped in it with her fingers. You gotta love finger food!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday...

...It's My Birthday Too!!!

The irony is these first two pictures is well...ironic! Allie wound up being the big Pooh belly'd food munger and Brooke has the endless energy - bounding all over the house.

The girls checking out their stack of b-day presents...

...Mom and the girls about to get into some fun...

...Allie giving her best smile while Brooke decides she would rather eat the book than read it...

...the family looks on as the Mom finishes up...(I think she had more fun than the twins...)

...after all the presents and the pageantry...the girls played with the paper and ribbons the most!

Brooke not sure what to think of her first taste of pure sugar?

Allie would rather be dressed right now...

Like an episode of MTV's "Sweet Sixteen" the girls had an outfit change during the party. All we were missing was the helicopter entrance, the private performance by rapper Chingy, and the new $75,000 H2 for a spoiled rotten child!

*Thank you friends and family for sharing in our girls first birthday. Y'all are great! PS: thank you SG for the wonderful cakes...anyone need a good custom cake...I have a number for y'all.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to You...and You Too...

OK, y'all can always count on me to bring the funny...but I just can't do it today. I spent the last few hours looking back at the first year of my girls' life and it is just too sweet and terrifying in the same glimpse. We are so blessed to have two little angels born two and a half months premature to two anxious parents. As I listen to the girls gently sleeping in the next room I am reminded of what is important in life: friends, family, faith. I am so happy that I have all three! Please enjoy this video I created for my little miracles:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Strike a Pose...

Allie and Brooke had their pictures taken yesterday at Portrait Innovations. I must say that they are pretty darn cute! BUT, next time I will make sure and NOT schedule the pictures during nap time. Brooke would not smile for anything, and she would not sit still either. I'm surprised we even got some good shots of her appearing still. Poor his money's worth outta us! But, somehow we still go some great pics of the girls.

Can you BELIEVE that A & B will be one in exactly one week from today!!?? It just doesn't seem possible to me. It is so amazing to look back from their 2 pound days and see how far they have come. God's grace and mercy have been abundant through our girls and their growth over the last year!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Yes, there are ALOT of them! Too hard to narrow down!

Allie and Brooke