Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby its Cold Outside...

So what do you do when there is snow and ice outside and you have multiples? You put them in thick velour jumpsuits and take pictures of them! Allie's says Mommy Loves me! and Brooke's says Daddy's Little Girl!
Grandma from Odessa has been here all week. What a blessing. She has helped with the 2am feeding without complaining once. But I am sure as the Southwest 737 turns westbound on Friday she will be glad to be going home.
B - "Yeah for me!" A - Giving her best Rocky Balboa impersonation

I didn't know I had triplets!!!????

It's official, they are now our toys to pose as we wish!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye to Texas University... long to the orange and white!!!
The extra long Thanksgiving weekend has been bittersweet for Dad's football addiction. My Buc's lose pitifully to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving...BUT Dad's Aggies "sawed the horns of the wicked" and took the 'horns to the their own house none the less! Bring the comments about cheap shots and bad PI call, but the refs didn't make the sips QB's throw 4 INT's! Nor did they have anything to do with the #1 rush defense getting a whole big dose of 1980's Option Attack. For the record I still hate Coach Fran and my daughters will never be 'Horns or Red Raiders...unless the trip is an all expenses paid one!
The girls are doing well. Dad has been under the weather and worries that every little squirm, cough or hack that the girls do is my fault. I hope that they don't get sick because of me. Mom's mom is coming this next week. I hope she has her boring clothes on. She is coming for a whole week. The girls don't do anything yet but sleep, eat and poop. In no particular order. We can't take them to the mall or there is a ton of sitting on our duff's being done around our house. Mom N' Dad try to spell one another each day to give us a few hours outside of "A&B Central Command."
Our first lesson in "What's mine is not always yours!"

They don't exactly match but Mom sure does point out that the flower print does!

Our girls showing the love! Was it a candid or posed shot?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks A Lot...

Anyone remember that Jonny Cash song?

Well today is Thanksgiving, and with out the fear of tears I can only say thank you to y'all that visit this site to check on the well being of Allie and Brooke and Mom N' Dad. Your thoughts, prayers and heart felt comments have touched us all very much. You have been along for such a roller coaster ride from September 8th till now. I sit and type this as I stare at my little girls basking in the sleep that only a full tummy brings! (Dad will know that feeling all to well around the 2nd quarter of the Buccaneers' game today...who are my Bucs playing today anyways?)

Thank you for visiting A & B! Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your gifts. Thank you for your advice. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for being family.

Thank you Dr. B and Dr. K! (PS: Dr. K forgot to tell me you were a bonafide TV star! We saw you on Discovery Health!) Thank you nurses and Dr's of the NICU at Medical Center of Plano.

Thank you Lord for being the "great physician" that your Word claims you are. Thank you for holding my girls when we couldn't be there. Thank you for giving me the gift of fatherhood and blessing my doubly so! I know that all we have been through and all that we have called on you to do, you have been steadfast and our Rock. Thank you!
Allie: 6 lbs. 5 oz.
Brooke: 6 lbs. 3 oz.
PS: Their actual due date was yesterday. 11/22/06

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Silent Night...(as if !!?)

So I was looking at fun things to get the girls for Christmas pictures. The whole pregnancy, Mom N’ Dad talked about not dressing our kids alike and letting them be their own beings. Well since they are here now, we have dressed them alike often. Why? It is so much fun! They are 100% dependant on Mom N’ Dad right now…so suck it up girls! Save it if you want to get all “emo” on us and want to express your individuality right now. Mom N’ Dad are having too much fun at your expense! I am sure the girls will not be emotionally scarred later in life if we put them in the same Pooh PJ’s one night. They are getting so close in weight it is getting harder to tell them apart at first glance. Once you stare at them for a minute you can tell…Allie has more and darker hair. I am just starting to feel as if I have Identical twins…and not just two girls!

Some “twin” funnies for your entertainment. Shirts I have seen:

One Baby? I laugh at your One Baby!

Yes they are twins!
1) Yes they are identical
2) Yes I can tell them apart
3) Yes my hands are full, so is my heart!
4) Yes they are natural, what is an artificial twin anyway?
5) I’m Glad they are mine and not yours too

Twingenuity (n.)
Inventive skill of combining the efforts of two toddlers in the pursuit of a common goal (i.e. candy, toys, room destruction, nap evasion, etc.) See also - Twintelligence

Monday, November 20, 2006

Feelin' Single, Seein' Double...

So I still feel under the weather. I am still wearing the surgeons mask as to try and not get my girls sick. Mom is doing a great job with the girls since she is having to double team them while I am on the bench. We are trying to get them on a schedule so they will be up more in the day time and sleep a little longer in the night. Allie, especially, likes to remain awake from about 11pm to 3-am screaming bloody murder when her pacifier falls out of her mouth...Which is about every 16 seconds.
When one parent feeds/changes both girls, it takes 1 hour. When we are both capable it takes 20 minutes to change a feed. They should really find a way to give salaries to Mom's!
Our girls suffer from a bit of reflux! Wonders on the sheets.

Brooke trying to figure out where the freakishly large Pooh came from. Or is this Allie?

Allie dancing a jig before her diaper of 600 diaper changes a day! Or is this Brooke?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired...

It has been a long weekend. Dad came down with flu-like symptoms on Saturday. I am wearing a surgeons mask and using antiseptic wash every .5 seconds to keep myself as "clean" as possible. I am quarantined into the back room until my fever breaks. I pray that the girls do not get sick. The statement from our Dr rings in my head, "When full-term babies get sick, they go to the Dr., but when Preemies get sick they go to the hospital."

Good thing it is a short week for work. We will take A & B over to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Should be fun trying to get them out there. The Dr's do not want the girls out very long in the elements, so we will pack them in and pack them out of the car as fast as possible. I will post more pics soon. Mom is having fun dressing them and setting them with a backdrop and snapping some pics.

We have more Dr's appointments this week, so I will give you updates soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A & B had a Dr's appointment yesterday. Dr. said they are doing well for what they have gone through. He wants to see them weekly to chart their growth. We also have an eye Dr's appointment, Cardiologist appointment, Developmental specialist appointment and monthly Synagis shots appointments! That is a ton of Dr's looking after our kids even after the NICU!
Chunky Update:
Allie 5 lbs. 13 oz.
Brooke 5 lbs. 10 oz.
Shoes specially ordered for A & B. Cool huh!? Another special gift from a special friend.

Finally got the border up! Look at the letters that hang from the crib...great gift! Pooh contemplating suicide if the girls don't stop crying!

This is a scene more often than not in our household right now!

The House Rule!

Bartender, Make That a Double...

Ok, so both Mom N' Dad had talked about not dressing the girls alike when they came home, but what fun is that? We got twice the kids with 1/2 the pregnancy so we are taking full advantage of these girls and their uncanny skill of being cute!
The trickery begins...which one is which.?

Allie: "Hey sis, how about you and I try and get out of here!? We both pretend like we are sleeping and wham...head for the front door!"

Poops, I Did it Again...

Ok, so Dad has the week off this week and wouldn't you know it the main TV in our living room is out. The one in our back bedroom blew out a week or so ago as well. How can I get along without TV? I watched the Buccaneers play on MNF on a 13" tube. So needless to say I have surfed the net and read a lot this week. I also found a unmarked CD in our "Twins" file. Popped it in and it was pictures of Mom's work shower. Oooops!!! Those people at Mom's work can throw a good shindig as well! The reason not mentioned earlier....well Dad was not made aware that there was pics of the festivities. And seriously folks, what is a story without pictures...ask any 4 year old!

We are set in diapers for at least 6 months or 1 stomach virus...whichever comes first.

Mom opening presents so fast that she is a blur!

Pink is a recurring theme (nightmare) in my life!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rock-A-Bye Baby...

Day 2 of having both the girls home...and still tired. On the scale of tiredness I would say that I am a step below grumpy...and a step above insane with lack of sleep!
Our girls are getting into such a is awake when the other is asleep! I am thinking about slipping the awake one a shot of whisky so they can get on the same sleep schedule (Jokes Folks!!)
The don't like sleeping from 11pm to 2am. It makes for a long night! But they are great. They sleep and smile and grunt with pleasure when they get some food. Which is every three hours. They even sleep while being fed. The one amazing question is if they sleep so much, how come Mom N' Dad are so tired!?
I think they have had enough of Mom N' Dad taking photos of them already!

Can't tell their identical? They even sleep alike!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Home Sweet Home...

What can I say - both my girls are home now! They are both doing great and feed every 3 hours. I hope that soon we can go a little longer because it is not fun at the 2 am and 5 am feedings.
I know that things could have been so much worse in this experience. It was for sure a trial but with faith and prayer and a lot of will power we got through it all. I praise God for giving us two beautiful girls and for the grace and healing that was shown in the NICU. Those nurses and Dr's are gifts from Heaven. Thank you Pediatrix and Medical Center of Plano for healing my two beautiful daughters!
My favorite girls!

Co-bedding once again...for about 1 hour and then they started grunting at one another like apes. I am a firm believer in Creationism, but my girls grunt like primates. Hope they don't have another habit primates are known for...Poo Flinging comes to mind!

"Lets go cruise Hebron...I gotta rep my hood!" - Gangsta Brooke

How fitting! From a primadona to fashionably late, Brooke has always been more of the Diva!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed...

It has been only 4 days since we have had 1/2 of our children home from the NICU and I am TIRED. It is not like the "Study all night for a test" or "talk to your best friend for 8 hours" tired...this is "I think the couch is on fire, oh well!" kind of TIRED. And if I am that tired, Mom is a mouse toot away from being in the grave TIRED.
Remember in one of the Star Trek movies where the aliens come to destroy Earth if they don't hear the whale song for some almost extinct species? Well I have Allie Alien at home. When Allie and Brooke were co-bedding in the NICU, Allie would send out these grunts and Brooke would answer with the same grunts. Well having them split is really sad...but hear Allie make her "whale song" and get no reply. I am sure she will be SO happy on Sunday morning when my two whales can talk to one another again.
I think I might bash my head into the table now...if I hit it hard enough I might get knocked out and get some good sleep.
Sunday morning, both of these chairs will be full! Brooke was given the "Go" to come home and reunite with her sister and make this family whole again!

Allie cheering on her bad it didn't work! I need to see if they have a newborn outfit with "Fire Fran" on it!

Bailey (the dog) still has no clue. She thinks Allie is a toy. When Allie grunts, Bailey freaks out!

Friday, November 10, 2006

There's A Party Going on Right Here....

So Dad's work knows how to party...and buy presents! Thank you guys so much for the blessings that are diapers. They snuck behind my back for 2 months collecting diapers and got a ton! They also collected cash to get what was left on our registry. What a great group of people! They even gave Dad a Subway card because Dad needs some love too! Thanks to all involved. You made Mom shed a tear.
Cakes from the Master Cake Builder! See the little difference in the two?

Where's the Playstation 3 in all this? Doesn't Dad get any love? That is a lot of babies poop that much?

The setup before Dad tore into it all. I never want to see that much pink again!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bittersweet Memories...

So today is a great day and a sad day all rolled into one. We got to take Allie home today, but it also means that we had to leave Brooke behind. I felt like painting my face and dressing in all black so I could Navy SEAL my way out of the NICU with Brooke as well. Dad leaves no man behind! She is ready to go home...just a few days of observation remain.
Bailey, the family dog, doesn't know what to think about having to share the attention. She likes to try and attempt to climb on Allie and sniff her dirty butt. Bailey just came over to me and huffed and walked to say "I am so done with you! Don't you know I am old and didn't need this type of commotion?" Wait until the 2nd wave hits home on Sunday! Talk about your "Shock N' Awe". Bailey is going to get it coming and going! Stay tuned...
Dad forcing Bailey to meet her new "sister."

Allie showing off her monogramed blanket. Thank you Grandma in the "Southern Refuge!"

All buckled up with no place to go! Safety first!

In the car and read to go! Infant carriers match the chic of me!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Freeze Frame...

The girls couldn't go a few days without having Dad post a pic of them. They are really starting to look a lot alike. Brooke must not like what Allie said...hence the elbow smash to the chin! Now thats a cat fight!

Momma, I'm Coming Home...

We are close to having the girls come home. Allie might be home as early as Wednesday of this week. Brooke needs a few more days to wean herself off the oxygen. We could have both girls at home...where they the middle of next week! Scared = Dad! Mom is so excited, and so am I...but is my life about to change!
I wish I could tell all you that the story will end the day that our girls come home, but we will be facing some major hurdles once they come home. Allie has already received a brain scan and they have noticed a possible calcification of the brain tissue. That could mean anything from nothing to Cerebal Palsy. So there are many things that the girls still need prayer for. The first 18 months will tell us a lot about our girls and the type of life that they will have. We are bringing girls that have been out of the womb for 2 months, but it is bringing home a newborn. T-minus a few days and counting to have the "A&B" home!
My life will be hectic, but this blog will live. It is therapy for me to type this on a regular basis. But through it all I found that it was a great way to keep everyone updated on the girls. And as I see it, the girls are just going to get more exciting when they get home. So stay tuned...Like the show "Lost", the first season is over...but not a darn thing was answered!
The Dresser/Changing Station that Dad spent countless hours refinishing and painting. Looks good, huh!?

Here is the theme of the room. No Pooh or Tigger. Butterflies, fireflies and a ton of gingham...whatever that is!?

Tigger and Pooh DID show up! They are ready to get into the car and go see the girls! Holding two infant carriers really made it hit home that I have TWO KIDS!!!

Vampires beware...our girls' protection! Hand crafted by Grandpa (mom's grandpa that is). He's got skills! Painted to match by Mom. Actually placed to show that God is with our girls, always. Like the chair rail that Dad and the girls' uncle put up? Skills!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Take a Look at Me Now....

Take a good long look at the girls...see anything different? NO feeding tubes in thier noses! They are taking all 8 feeds a day by bottle. That means 16 times a day Mom and/or Dad are feeding. Each feed take 20 minutes - 5:30 hours a day feeding!



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Want Candy...

So Dad got to bottle feed Allie for the first time tonight. I am a CHAMP! No problem...bring on the next hurdle. I might even get around to doing a "Super Poo" diaper soon! HA, as if!

random thoughts:

1) Mom N' Dad stayed at home to hand out candy last night. Do kids trick-or-treat anymore?
2) And the few kids that do, whats with not having a costume? And whats with taking 1/2 the bowl in one scoop?
3) I am not ready to have two kids at home. I like being able to pass them off. I am just scared to death. Right now they have monitors that beep when something is not right. Not at home...
4) Did you know that second hand smoke goes WAY beyond the actual breathing in of someone else's expressed smoke? The harmful chemicals in a smokers clothes, hair and skin are just as bad for you as breathing in their smoke.
5) Second hand smoke, as mentioned above, is the second leading cause of SIDS.
6) Allie LOVES her pacifier. She looks like this
7) Brooke loves her bath. I should save up for one of these
8) How long before I can get my twins to work in movies or commercials and it isn't considered exploitation? These girls have cost me a fortune already and they haven't even been home. Time to earn their keep!
9) We got the short end of the grandparent naming stick. We are the last of the children to have grandkids. All 5 grandparents have names already.
10) Was it as weird reading "5 grandparents" as it was typing it? That's the Boomer generation for you! The girls have two sets of grandparents...on just Dad's side.
There is a small mumbling of a time when the girls could pack up their things and come home. The window is from this weekend to their original due date of 11/22/06. So please be praying for our family. We are excited about the idea of it coming so soon, but also nervous because we haven't even begun to buy things for the girls being home. That is what happens when you give birth the day before your scheduled shower!

Chunky Update:
Allie: 5 lbs. 3.2 oz.
Brooke: 4 lbs. 11.6 oz.

I Got a Photograph Picture of....

Brooke's Halloween shirt! She applaudes in agreement on how cute she looks!

Allie's Halloween shirt! Strike a pose! I wonder if there is Poo in that Pooh diaper?

Allie and Brooke snuggling!