Thursday, August 28, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...

So I am single...calm is just for a few days. Mom is in Vegas for a MUCH deserved girls weekend. Enjoy it baby, you have earned it!

HOWEVER, I should have negotiated this weekend jaunt a bit better. I am such a loser. I agreed to her trip about 2 months ago when the numbness of "nothing but baseball" was fresh and reeling it's ugly head the most. Now I am a "single dad" the FIRST WEEKEND OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Hear me now and cry for me later...if you know the know that I would steal from my own mom to watch me some college football. Now I am stuck with kids using me as a jungle gym while I try to catch a glimpse of the would be Aggie receiver snagging passes for the Cyclones. I am getting a fleeting glance of Baylor getting beat at home (HA! HA!) while the girls lay in my lap while their pacifiers and sippy cups battle for mouth time!

Remind me to keep my wife happy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Standing Outside the Fire....

"I have the Power!"

"Hey dad, an Aggie walks into a bar..."

A: "Hey sissy, smell this one!"
B: "Rotten Eggs! That one is going to freak daddy out!"

"Daddy, I have a surprise for you..."

"...I had nothing to do with that!"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Like An Atom Bomb...

Well hello there! Can I interest you in some peanut butter?

Or maybe you feel like some jelly?

Looks can be deceiving! These little yummy concoctions are evil! Good thing we did this at home and not at the mall!

Maybe yogurt will be better...

A' using her spoon like a "big girl!"

B' would rather drink her yogurt...

Green beans and some yogurt...goes together like peanut and....oh...forget it!

What can I say? The girlz got skillz (see the Z there!?) Lurkers and bloggers you feeling right now? Because YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

American Pride...

Hello, I have something to admit to you lurkers! I LOVE THE OLYMPIC GAMES. I am an addict. I will eat, sleep and breathe the 2008 Summer games for the next 17 days. NBC coverage, HD programming...I might just gain 25 lbs. just sitting on my couch watching elite athletes...yes, I see the irony...China looks like a formidable "foe" this time around. Lets hope that the the NBA Ballers can bring back honor to the US program. Our gymnasts have it cut out. Swimmers should whoop that international tail...US Soccer...let the world have their football...I'll take soccer! BMX...yes bicycle racing...USA USA USA! But without trying to sound to cheesy, I get filled with hope when I see whole countries put aside differences and meet every four years on the athletic field rather than the battlefield. To see an American and a North Korean hug and high five one another after their swim...pretty cool and NO WHERE else!

Go get em America!!!
As a boy that grew up playing football, baseball and hockey I don't know much about the game of, can't go on about the offsides rule and I can't even fathom the idea of coaching 6 year old girls in "bunch ball" but I would be a very proud father if the my girls took the pitch during the 2024 Summer Olympic Games!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


We might not be in school anymore, but we here at A Vs. B get the summertime blues like everyone else. You know the symptoms: longing for a vacation, dreading getting up on Monday mornings, willing to anywhere just because it has A/C but not wanting to get in car that is 150 degrees to go to said place. Sorry for the delay in posts. The surface of the sun heat really zaps any and all energy to do anything other than survive...

enjoy some movies:

Allie saying hello...with a fly-by appearance by Brooke!

Look at her face when she finds out how to open it...I wish I still had "Child Eyes!"